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These 100 men were inmates in the Hathaway House and big plot members of A Nightmare on Elm Street (film series).


In the 1940s, Amanda Krueger, who worked as a nun in the Hathaway House, was accidentally locked in the asylum with these 100 people by two employees who were trying to get home to their families for the holidays. They ganged up on her and raped her hundreds of times, with one of the inmates impregnating her with Freddy Krueger. When she was finally found, she was barely alive and pregnant. After giving birth to Freddy, she put him up for adoption to an abusive alcoholic named Mr. Underwood. When the Hathaway House was closed and abandoned, it is unknown what happened to these people afterwards.


  • In the 5th movie, it showed a flashback with the maniacs, the two employees who accidentally left her, and Alice Johnson as Amanda, one of the maniacs looked just like Freddy and was even played by Robert Englund, hinting that he is Freddy Krueger's father.
  • One of the maniacs set off the events of the series.