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Official Summary[]

One, two, he's coming for you... Freddy's back in this all new three issue series from the same intense creative team as the sold-out Nightmare on Elm Street Special! The master of the macabre, writer Brian Pulido, and the illustrative genius, artist Juan Jose Ryp, return to bring Freddy Kruger back into the tormented dreams of children. Now that Freddy has stopped the shipment of dream-stopping Hypnocil, it's up to Claire to put an end to the nightmare. But the power of fear is on Freddy's side. Claire's world implodes on her as her friends are murdered by Freddy and she's the town's most wanted female. How can she prove Freddy's existence before everyone is dead? As well as this regular cover by series artist Juan Jose Ryp, it's also available with a Wraparound, Gore, Terror, and a special-edition Die-Cut cover with art by Juan Jose Ryp.[1]




  • Claire's Dad, "Warden"
  • Jake
  • The Mayor of Springwood
  • Karl
  • Claire
  • Sharon (Dream)
  • "C-Dog"/Arnold (Dream)
  • Tia Cho (Dream)
  • Donna Cox (Dream)
  • Amy (Dream)
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Amanda Krueger (Mentioned)
  • Nancy Thompson (Mentioned)
  • Dream Warriors (Mentioned)
  • Jacob Daniel Johnson (Mentioned)