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Freddy Krueger

  • "Why are you screaming? I haven't even cut you yet."
  • "You really shouldn't fall asleep in class."
  • "[To Jesse] Did you know that after the heart stops beating, the brain keeps functioning for well over 7 mintues? We got 6 more minutes to play."
  • "How's this for a wet dream?"

Jesse Braun

  • "Don't fall asleep."

Quentin Smith

  • "At the 70-hour mark the insomniac will begin to experience micro-naps. Means you're dreaming but don't know it, even if you're awake."

Kris Fowles

  • "I'm having these dreams... and there's this man... and he's burned."


Jesse Braun: "Oh God."
Freddy Krueger : "No, just me."
Freddy Krueger: "Hi Kris"
Kris Fowles: "Who are you?"
Freddy Krueger: "You look just as beautiful as ever. You have nothing to worry about [raises glove] this wont't hurt one... little... bit."
Jesse Braun : "What do you want from me?"
Freddy Krueger: "I don't know, Jesse. You think you can turn back time? [silence] Answer me!"
Jesse: "No"
Freddy Krueger: "You think you can bring the dead back to life?"
Jesse: "No"
Freddy Krueger: "No?!"
Jesse: "No"
Freddy Krueger: "Well I didn't fucking think so."
Kris Fowles: "I'm having these dreams and I'm scared. I think Dean Russel was having them, too."
Jesse Braun: "Kris listen, we've all.."
Kris: "...I know what you're going to say. But now everytime I dream, I always see this man and... he's... burned... and he's... melted and he's always trying to attack me with these knives..."
Jesse: "...knives on his fingers"
Kris: "What?... oh my god, we're having the same dream"
Jesse: "Kris, it's not possible"
Kris: "It is possible"
Jesse: "It's just a dream, alright?"
Kris: "I'm so afraid, all I want to do is go to sleep, but if I do he's going to kill me like Dean"
Jesse: "Maybe we should just stop talking about it, alright? If we're talking about it we'll just keep thinking about it and dreaming about it."

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i see u in ur dream and i am going to kill you hahahaha!!!!!!