A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES is one of the first horror movie video games ever made. The goal of the game is to collect bones so that you can throw them in a furnace to finally kill Freddy. You can play as one of 4 characters, and is one of the few NES games that can support 4 players. You have a sleep meter, and if it goes down all the way you fall asleep. You can keep yourself awake with coffee, but if you get a dream icon, just let yourself fall asleep. Dream icons allow you to play as one of 4 super teenagers while your asleep, but can only be found while your awake (in the dream world, dream icons are replaced with radios that play a rocking tune!) The dream icons are very usefull, and make your typical teen extremely powerful. Falling asleep also has it's risks though, because if you are asleep for too long eventually makes Freddy himself appear (after a corny screen flashes "Freddy's coming), which leads to an anticlimatic battle to chase Freddy off. Once you get the the last level, you have to fight all your previous bosses, and then an easy clone of the" Freddy's coming" battle. after that you get a corny ending, but remember, you can't kill off horror legends, you can just chase them off for awhile. The game has fairly good controls,fair graphics, fair difficulty, annoying bone placement (such as having to be awake to get certain bones, or the bones blending in with the enviorment) , a confusing story (why not just let Freddy stay dead), the annoying hit-so-you-jump-backward NES game problem, among many other traits. All in all, it isn't as much an insult to the series as a certain Dream Child. buyer beware.