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A Nightmare on Elm Street (Special) is a comic by Brian Pulido and Juan Jose RYP and it takes place after the events of Freddy vs. Jason. It was released on April 2005.


Sometime after the battle between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, the town of Springwood, Ohio has turned into a police state and the authorities began taking extreme measures to wipe out any knowledge on Freddy, so that he will be kept at bay.

During Mr. Herber's literature class, Lindsay Hudson falls asleep and is visited by none other than Freddy Krueger. Upon awakening, she reveals that the notorious killer is haunting her nightmares and is forcefully removed from class by officers dressed in black suits. After class, Lindsay's friend Emily relays the news to Sandy and Lindsay's brother, Alex, in hopes that they can plan a rescue. Following the mysterious men, the group learns that Lindsay has been taken to Westin Hills. Emily and Alex break into the psychiatric facility, and leave Sandy behind to keep watch. Unfortunately for the group, Sandy would fall asleep and she was killed by Freddy moments after the police arrive on the scene and they found her corpse.

Back inside the facility, Lindsay is found asleep by Emily and her brother. The pair helplessly watched as Freddy murders Lindsay. Hospital staff tries to apprehend the two of them as Lindsay takes photos hoping to expose what she's seeing to the world. Distraught over the loss of his sister, Alex breaks away to hide out in a medicine closet, hoping to find Ritalin since he forgot his ADHD meds at home. However, the bottle he blindly grabs just so happens to be sleeping pills, and he too is slaughtered by Krueger.

Emily stumbles upon a room full of teenagers, including some missing friends, who have been placed in Hypnocil-induced comas, where she's ultimately cornered by staff who attempt to explain what she's seeing. Restrained by security guards, Emily is injected with a tranquilizer by one of the staff, causing her to enter a dream-like state, allowing Freddy to kill her. Upon Emily's death, the Westin Hill staff believe themselves to have successfully handled the problem, but the story ends with Krueger proclaiming "It's great to be back!"


  • Alex Hudson
  • Lindsay Hudson
  • Emily
  • Sandy
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Mr. Herber
  • Mrs. Seger
  • Roger
  • Meg
  • Farley
  • James Joyce (Mentioned)
  • Sandy's Mother (Mentioned)


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