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A Nightmare on Elm Street is the first book in A Nightmare on Elm Street (book adaptations of the film series by Bob Italia).

It is a book adaptation of the 1984 film of the same name.

It is based on a screenplay for the 1984 film.

It shouldn't be confused with the novelization of the film or the book adaptation of the film by E.L. Flood.

Differences in plot from the film[]


  • Tina's mother's boyfriend (and the implication that they had been having and/or were going to have sex) is left out.
  • Not only is Rod Lane and Tina having sex left out, but apparently they slept in separate beds (described as "twin beds"). It is stated that the reason they slept in the same room is because "Tina was too afraid to be alone.".
  • Marge Thompson describes Freddy Krueger as a "filthy child killer" instead of a "filthy child murderer".
  • Marge Thompson refers to "nearly ten" bodies being found in "his" (Freddy Krueger's) boiler room.
  • Marge Thompson then says the parents found Freddy Krueger in "an old boiler room"- making it sound like it was a different boiler room than the one mentioned above.
  • The parents found Freddy Krueger drunk and asleep in the boiler room. Apparently, being set on fire woke him up.
  • While on fire, he runs out of the boiler room, swings his gloved hand in every direction, and actually tells the parents that he's going to kill their children.
  • Instead of dying inside the boiler room from being set on fire (even though he IS set on fire inside the boiler room), Freddy Krueger dies outside the boiler room from being shot by Marge Thompson, with Donald Thompson's gun. This makes "Mommy killed him." very literal and gives Freddy Krueger a much more personal motive for killing Marge Thompson than in the film.
  • Marge tackles Freddy and grabs his gloved hand after Nancy apparently pulled him out of her dream.

Differences in description from the film[]


  • Freddy Krueger making his glove isn't described. This doesn't mean that this event didn't happen in this version of the story. It just means it isn't described. It starts with Tina Gray's dream.
  • Glen's father leaving the phone off the hook isn't described, though it is implied that he did it.


  • Tina Gray
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Tina's Mom
  • Nancy Thompson
  • Glen Lantz
  • Walter Lantz
  • Rod Lane
  • Donald Thompson
  • Marge Thompson
  • Parker