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A Nightmare on Elm Street by Bob Italia

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a series of book adaptations of the first six films of A Nightmare on Elm Street film series by Bob Italia, which were published in 1992. In the same year the book adaptations were written and published, there were only six films for the entire series at it ended with Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare at the time while Freddy vs. Jason, the seventh film, didn't exist yet until 2003.

In places, there are significant differences than in the films; This is, at least partially, because they are based on pre-film screenplays, which are also significantly different than the film series. A lot of the profanity that was used in the films has either been removed or replaced by milder/appropriate words while most of the sexual references in the films have been removed. Moreover, some, but not all, of the references to child murder that were in the films, were either removed or made less explicit.