A nightmare on Elm street (series) is a horror series made by Wes Craven. It tells the story of how a variety of people, mostly teenagers, try to combat an undead child murderer named Freddy Krueger. Freddy attacks people in their dreams with the help of the Dream Demons. He kills with a clawed glove which he had made during his child murdering while alive days. As the movies go on, they learn more of Freddy's past and come up with better way's defeating him.

The MoviesEdit

A Nightmare on Elm Street:Edit

A Nightmare on Elm Street is the first of the series. It takes place in a fictional town in Ohio called Springwood. It stars Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), who along with her friends have been having nightmares about a man named Freddy Krueger. As they slowly get picked off, Nancy discovers that Freddy was a child killer that the parents of the children whom he killed had burnt in the factory where he worked. She comes up with a plan to hopefully destroy him once and for all after the death of her boyfriend (Johnny Depp) (Note his death is by far the best death in the entire series). She tricks Freddy into coming into the real world, where she leads him into a variety of booby traps, but leaves him (he happens to be on fire) inorder to get her father to arrest him. Freddy sneaks upstairs to where Nancy's mom is sleeping, where he lays on her, burning her, before he drags her down to hell. The remaining Thompsons believe Freddy is dead, and her father goes back downstairs. Freddy returns, but Nancy defeats him by turning her back on him, draining him of his power. The next day Nancy and all her friends that had died pile into a car while her mom waves them off. The car is then captured by Freddy, as they drive off Freddy pulls Nancy's mother through the window on the door on their front porch.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Freddy's Revenge

This film takes place 5 years after the events of the last film. The Thompson's have moved out of their home, and it is now inhabited by the Welsh family. The oldest, a boy named Jesse, has begun having dreams of Freddy as Nancy had earlier. This time, he want Jesse to kill for him. While Jesse and his girlfriend Lisa clean his room, they come across the diary of Nancy Thompson. Jesse goes to his parents after reading the diary, but they argue and he goes storms out. After a series of events, his gym coach is killed. Lisa then has a pool party, but the party is interupted by Freddy. Freddy had already taken over Jesse's body. He eventually leaves for the powerplant where Freddy formally worked. Lisa follows him. Eventually she confronts him, and tells Jesse she loves him. Jesse takes control, causing the powerplant to burst into flames, along with Freddy. Jesse climbs out of the ashes, and they embrace. The next day they leave for school. Jesse is a bit jumpy at first due to his previous nightmares, but Lisa calms him down. Just when he starts to feel safe, Freddy's hand burst through their friends chest, and the bus drives into nothingness.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Dream Warriors

This film takes place 6 years after the events of the first film. This film star Kristen Parker (she is the only main character so far that does not live on 1428 Elm Street), who has started dreaming about the man of your dreams, Freddy. Her latest nightmare about him ends with him slitting her wrists, only to be saved by her mom. Her mom only sees Kristen with bloody wrists and a razor blade in her hands. She is then admitted into Westin Hills, where other Elm Street Children have been placed, "strangely" all due to "suicide Attempts". When the doctors attempt to sedate her, she refuses, going so far as to cut an orderly (Max) with a scalpel. She backs into a corner, singing the Freddy Ryhm. A new staff worker (Nancy Thompson) walks in, and finishes the ryhm. Nancy realizes that Freddy is not dead, and tries to save the children, but two of them are killed before she can save them. Inorder to save the rest of them, she and a psychiatrist named Neil Gorden start having dream sessions with the kids inorder to help them practice their dream powers. One of them, Joey, is seduced by Freddy, and so the rest of the children and Nancy enter the dream world to fight Freddy, while Neil goes off to bury Freddy's remains in sacred ground. Neil needs the help of Nancy's father inorder to find the bones of Freddy. In the dream world, two of the remaining children are killed, but in the end they save Joey, and seemingly kill Freddy. Nancy's Father had been killed while burying the bones, and seems to visit Nancy one last time in the dream world. As they embrace, he turns into Freddy and stabs Nancy in the back. He is about to slay the rest of them when Neil finishes the burial, and Freddy is slain. Nancy is beyond hope, and dies before they leave. At the funeral, Neil learns that a Nun whom had giving him advice on how to defeat Krueger was really Freddy's dead mother.