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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is the third book in A Nightmare on Elm Street (book adaptations of the film series by Bob Italia).

It is a book adaptation of the film of the same name.

It shouldn't be confused with the novelization of the film of the same name.

Differences from the film[]

  • The book doesn't have the pre-dream opening scene. It goes straight to Kristen Parker's dream.
  • The girl on the tricycle says "hello" instead of "hi".
  • The girl on the tricycle says "I have to go now." instead of "I gotta go now.".
  • The girl on the tricycle says "bye" to Kristen.
  • Where Kristen says "Wait! Little girl! Don't go in there!" in the film, the words "little girl" are left out.
  • The part where Kristen calls "Little girl!" to the girl on the tricyle inside the house is left out.
  • When Kristen Park and the girl on the tricycle are in the Dream World's boiler room, and furnace opens up and Kristen sees inside it. It contains charred bones, ashes, and a tricycle "identical to the little girl's- only charred". The implication is rather obvious.
  • The line "Put me down. You're hurting me." is left out. One has to wonder if something is being implied by this line in the film.
  • Instead of Kristen screaming, the corpse of the girl who had been on the tricycle screams. Kristen looks at her and notices that she is dead BEFORE this happens.
  • When the tricycle rolls into Kristen's room at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, it's simply described as "leaving tire tracks". No mention is made of the tire tracks apparently being made in blood, like in the film.
  • The line, "Welcome to prime time, bitch!" is left out.
  • Where Nancy Thompson said "Let him go, you bastard." in the film, the word "bastard" is replaced by the word "creep".
  • Where Freddy Krueger wrote "Come and get him, bitch." on Joey's chest in the film, the word "bitch" is left out.