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Alice Johnson is the protagonist of Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, and Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child. She is portrayed by American actress Lisa Wilcox.

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream MasterEdit

Alice Johnson is a student at Springwood High, who lives at home with her widowed father and her brother Rick. Her homelife is not pretty; she does much around the house as her father slips further and further into the depths of grief-induced alcoholism. Alice's bedroom has pictures that cover her mirror; she tells her brother that she doesn't need to see herself in the mirror.

She is a perpetual daydreamer and works as a waitress at the Crave-Inn with her friend Debbie. Alice also has a crush on her brother's friend and high school jock Dan Jordan. Alice has the ability to control her dreams, recalling to Nightmare 3 survivor Kristen a rhyme her mother told her about "The Dream Master", and to "Dream someplace fun" when Kristen tells her about her nightmares.

When Freddy Krueger returns to wreak his havoc on Springwood, he succeeds in killing Kristen Parker, who had summoned Alice into her nightmare at Freddy's insistence, as he is looking for a brand new carrier to bring souls to him. In turn, before her death, Kristen sends her dream powers to Alice. Now that Kristen is dead, Alice quickly finds herself in a predicament as her daydreams are getting her friends, and finally, her brother, killed by Freddy.

Inheriting the dream powers of her friends postmortem, Alice becomes the Dream Master, taking on and destroying Freddy in his own territory. In the end, she finds herself in that dream relationship of hers with Dan Jordan. She's certain that she sees Freddy in the wishing fountain during a walk at the park, but she shakes it off, instead leaving the park with Dan.

Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream ChildEdit

In Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, Alice is now in a steady, serious relationship with fellow Nightmare survivor Dan Jordan, and still working as a waitress at the Crave Inn. She is also now a high school graduate set to go off to Europe for the summer with Dan, much to the chagrin of his parents.

After realizing Freddy is back, that her efforts in Elm Street 4 did nothing to stop him, she calls Dan in a panic and informs him that Freddy came to her when she was awake. Dan goes to Alice, but never makes it, dying in a car accident -- Freddy induced -- in front of the Crave Inn. Alice faints at the carnage and at Freddy taunting her from inside Dan's vehicle.

Alice awakens to find her father, her friend Yvonne and Dan's parents around her. She's panicked, crying that Freddy is coming back and that he was the one who murdered Dan, but the doctor dismisses it as traumatic hysteria. Alice also then finds out that she is pregnant.

That night in the hospital, she meets a little boy with sleepy eyes, although Yvonne -- a candy striper at the hospital -- insists that there's no child in her ward.

Attempting to find out why Freddy is invading her dreams while she is awake, Alice researches into Freddy's past and has multiple hospital visits, including an ultrasound that results in her doctor calling Dan's parents, who crash her house and threaten to take custody of her unborn baby. Alice realizes that Freddy is killing others using her son's dreams, feeding the souls of his victims to Jacob in an attempt to make Jacob the second coming of Freddy Krueger.

Alice finds the stakes are higher than they ever were, and she retreats into the dream to defeat Freddy once again, to save her unborn child. Alice succeeds with the assistance of Freddy's mother and at movie's end, gives birth to her son, Jacob Daniel Johnson.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Dream WarriorsEdit

Alice is living as a single mother with her son Jacob and learns that Freddy Krueger is back. Taking up an invitation by one Dr. Maggie Borroughs, Alice goes and joins other survivors of both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in hopes of stopping the two killers once again. Teamed up with the others and Evil Dead's Ash Williams, they try to stop Freddy from taking control of the world via the Necromincon Ex-Mortis, or the Book of the Dead. After surviving being kept prisoner with a couple other survivors while Maggie Borroughs reveals her true colours, Alice, Ash and the others escape the Pentagon prison to find the world overrun with Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and their army of Deadites.

Freddy kidnaps Jacob, sending them to the White House to go and rescue both Jacob and Jason's archnemesis Tommy Jarvis. Alice reveals to Ash that her years of being the Dream Master has left her with a terminal illness. In essence, Alice is dying.

In a climactic showdown on the White House lawn, Freddy succeeds in killing Alice. Much like Kristen did with her, Alice passed on her Dream Master powers to Jacob before dying on the lawn.


Lisa Wilcox's name shows up in the opening credits of the fifth film, but not at the end.

The name of the diner where Alice works is the "Crave Inn" -- an obvious homage to Nightmare series creator Wes Craven.

Ellie Cornell -- who played Rachel Carruthers in Halloween 4 and 5 -- auditioned to play the role of Alice.

According to casting director Annette Benson, over 600 girls auditioned for the role of Alice Johnson


"Rest in Hell." -- Elm Street 4

"All right; I'm gonna punch his ticket in." -- Elm Street 4