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Are You Ready for Freddy? is a rap song by the hip hop trio the Fat Boys based on the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  It is part of their 1988 album Coming Back Hard Again.


Unlike the song A Nightmare on My Street, the Fat Boyz obtained permission from New Line Cinema before writing the song.  It was produced under the record label Tin Pan Apple.  It was a single on the album "Coming Back Hard Again."

The song was released around the time that A Nightmare on My Street was released.  Atlhough not as popular as the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince single, it is notable for being authorized by the film makers.

Robert Englund appears on the song, rapping some of the lyrics.

Music Video[]

In the music video, the Fat Boys are going to a funeral for member Prince Markie Dee's "Uncle Frederick."  In order to get his inheritance, the Fat Boys have to spend the night in the Elm Street House. The video is comical as Freddy Krueger chased the Fat Boys through the house.