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Badham Preschool

Badham Preschool was a preschool in the version of Springwood in the 2010 remake.

It had a ground floor and a basement.

The ground floor had several classrooms, a hallway, and probably other rooms. The hallway had a water fountain.

The basement had at least two rooms. Freddy Krueger lived in one of them. The other one was his "secret cave".

It has/had a physical world version and a Dream World version.

Physical World[]

This film's version of Freddy Krueger worked there. It isn't stated how long he'd been working there and his background before working there.

It was closed down at some point after this film's version of Freddy Krueger was burned to death.

It was heavily damaged by fire at the end of the film.

Dream World[]

In a dream, a group of Jump Rope Children jumped rope in a classroom.

Badham Preschool Class of 1994-1995[]