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Beefy Boy Burgers, also referred to as simply Beefy Boy, is a fast food restaurant in the version of Springwood in Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series.

It has a drive through with a roof over it.

It has at least two rooms. The rear room is labelled "Employees Only".

It has two eating tables, a garbage can, and what appears to be a garbage dumpster right in front of it. It has a sign reading "Beefy Boy Burgers" and "Eat Me" in front of it.

The version of its slogan on the outside sign and an inside clock is "Eat Me".

The Beefy Boy Jingle is, "Chew me, eat me, you can't beat me.".

One has to wonder if some double entendre was intended in both versions of its slogan.

It is featured in the episodes "It's a Miserable Life" and "Rebel Without a Car".

It is replaced by Cheesy Boy in the episode "Love Stinks".