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Bret Tanzer is a character of the 2010 reboot and one of the Elm Street children.


Bret went to Badham Preschool and often played with his classmates and the school's gardener, Freddy Krueger. Krueger often brought Bret and all the other kids into a secret room and hurt and molested them. All the parents, including Bret's parents discovered it and they chased Krueger into an old abandoned factory and burned him to death because they didn't want the kids to "Get on a stand and tell a room full of people what happened". They somehow had the things erased from their memories, hid all evidence, and tried to prevent the kids from remembering.


Some time after Krueger died, he came back and began stalking the kids who were now teens, and attempted to kill them as revenge against them for telling their parents what he did and getting him killed and against the parents for killing him. According to a news article, Bret died in a car crash falling asleep while in the car from staying up too long.