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Carlos Rodriguez was a character from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare,[1] as a patient of doctor Maggie Burnham and friend to Tracy and Spencer Lewis. He was also the first falling victim of the sixth Freddy Krueger's killing spree to die.

Role in the Film

Carlos was a youth of Hispanic origins. He was brought to Recovery House Youth Shelter, where Maggie Burnham works. He was hard of hearing, likely due to the physical abuse from his mother. He became friends with two other teens Tracy and Spencer, and eventually made friends with a John Doe, who was being hunted down by Krueger. Hoping to help find his identity, Maggie decides to travel to Springwood. He stows away in the back of the shelter van along with Spencer and Tracy. This would prove to be a sad mistake later on for Spencer and Carlos.


Carlos' head explodes

Carlos meets his death.

When Carlos falls asleep, Freddy appears to him the form of his own mother, who slaps him before turning into Freddy and forcefully inserting a super-sized cotton swab through his ear. Freddy then takes both Carlos's ear drum and his hearing aid. He began playing on Carlos's inability to hear by running behind him, dancing and shouting. Freddy eventually returns Carlos his hearing aid, except that it now acts a parasite which latches itself onto Carlos's ear, which caused the teen a lot of pain.

The amplification of the hearing aid has been turned up, making even the quietest sounds 10 times louder. Freddy ultimately kills him by scratching his knives a chalkboard, which lets out an ear-screeching noise that causes Carlos' ears, eyes and nose to start bleeding. Carlos' head ultimately explodes, causing his body to fall away. His soul is then absorbed by Freddy. He, his friend, Spencer, and John are erased from people's memories except for Maggie, Tracy, and Doc. When Maggie kills Freddy, the soul of Carlos is released.


  • His death is in the honorable mentions in watchMojo.com's list of the Top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills.