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For the novelisation version, see Chase Porter (novelization version).

Chase Porter is the main tritagonist in Wes Craven's New Nightmare. He was the fictional husband of Heather Langenkamp and the father of Dylan Porter. He was the owner of Cut to the Chase FX.

Chase was the third to fall victim to The Entity during the events of the film.


Chase was a loving father and husband. He was humorous, playful and charismatic, and a talented special effects artist. He had a close bond to his son and didn't mind showing him horror films, as opposed to the more protective Heather.



Chase married Heather Langenkamp and they had a son, Dylan. He was the owner of Cut to the Chase FX. He was working on a new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie directed by Wes Craven when this story took place.

New Nightmare

Chase first appeared in the film when he woke up his wife as an earthquake hit Los Angeles. After the family had breakfast, he drove to the studio he worked at to work on the new A Nightmare on Elm Street film.

After Heather accepted Craven's offer to return and star in the new Nightmare film, she is surprised to discover Chase was working on a new Freddy claw. It was also very similar to a depiction of the glove in a dream she had in which the claw came to life and killed the crew members.

Later, Chase received a phone call from Heather, telling him Dylan was acting strange and mimicking Freddy's dialog and mannerisms. Worried, Chase told his colleagues his son was unwell and hurried home.


As Chase began to fall asleep while driving, a claw came through the seat as if the seat was made of liquid. Freddy's entire clawed hand eventually made its way through the seat and slashed Chase's chest. Chase then crashed the car and was killed in a traffic accident.


Chase's death

After Death

Heather goes to see him at the morgue, fearing his death was more than a car accident. She thinks that Freddy had entered real life. Heather discovers, the marks on his chest and knows it was Freddy's doings.


  • Despite the film being set in the real world, Chase Porter and his son Dylan are completely fictional characters. Heather Langenkamp's real life husband being David LeRoy Anderson.
  • Chase bears personality and character similarities with Dan Jordan in The Dream Child.
    • Both are charismatic and loving partners to the protagonists.
    • Both have a young son who are left orphaned after their deaths.
    • Both receive phone calls their panic wife/girlfriend who have suffered from harassment from Freddy Krueger.
    • Both fall asleep and die while driving a vehicle in the evening towards their wife/girlfriend, and killed in very similar fashion.
    • Both deaths are considered as traffic accidents in real life.
    • Both appear in the nightmares of their wife/girlfriend's dreams in the forms of Freddy Krueger.