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This article is about Cheryl Walsh from Jesse's Lost Journal. If you are looking for one or more other versions of Cheryl Walsh, please check the Cheryl Walsh (disambiguation).

Cheryl Walsh is a character in Jesse's Lost Journal.

She is the wife to Ken Walsh and also the mother of Angela Walsh and Jesse Walsh.


While the events depicted in Jesse's Lost Journal are not part of the series timeline or canon, Mark Patton (who played Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge) wrote a string of events that he believes could go down in history as "what really happened." Following the timeline of the film series, the events we see in Freddy's Revenge take place in 1985, while the events described in Jesse's diary are mentioned as occurring in 1982 and 1985.

Cheryl, just like in the movie, doesn't show up much in Jesse's diaries. So the facts mentioned in the entries are exactly the same as those seen in the movie. In one of the diary entries, Jesse mentions that he takes the "Valium" pills (sleeping pills) from his mother's medicine cabinet and that he is grateful that her mother does not say anything even though she knows that someone in the house is taking them away.

It is known that when Jesse's diary is found in the house on Elm Street, Ken is put in jail for raping a minor and Angela is sent to a foster home. Some time later, Cheryl commits suicide. Jesse misses his mother too much and that can be seen in many of the entries where he describes his sadness knowing that he is away from his mother at first and his pain once he finds out that his mother died.


Cheryl is understanding, calm and always seeks to protect her children, so she does not hesitate to confront Ken when she learns about what happened in the house he decided to rent.

Physical appearance[]

Cheryl Walsh is introduced to the story as an older woman with short white hair and brown eyes.


Jesse Walsh[]

Cheryl seeks to protect Jesse at all times, always allowing him to speak so she can listen to him and try to understand him. She even tries to think of solutions for her son to stop having nightmares and stop walking around Springwood naked, she thinks they should seek professional help but Ken tells her that Jesse should be locked up in a psychiatric facility.

Ken Walsh[]

She usually has conflicts with his husband since she is much more understanding and calm, while he is much more closed and easy to get angry. When Jesse confronts his father in the kitchen saying that he knew a woman had died in the house, Cheryl gets mad at Ken for keeping the information from them.


  • Cheryl Walsh's story changes completely from the film to the narrative present in Jesse's Lost Journal.
  • In Jesse's Lost Journal, it is mentioned that Cheryl's favorite season of the year is fall because she loves the brown color of the leaves on the trees.