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Dean Russell (1993-2010) was a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 film). He attended Springwood High School and hung out at the Springwood Diner with his friends Nancy Holbrook, Kris Fowles, Jesse Braun, and Quentin Smith. Dean was the first falling victim of the remake.


Appearance and Death

Nightmare on Elm Street remake 3

Dean cuts his own throat.

While at the diner with Nancy and Kris, Dean fell asleep and encountered Freddy in the kitchen who proceeded to slash his hand. Nancy woke him, telling him if he keeps falling asleep they will kick him out of the diner. He met his girlfriend Kris at the diner and told her about his nightmares and lack of sleep. When he accidentally spilled coffee on her, she went to the restroom. He fell asleep again and met Freddy. He grabbed Dean's hand, which was holding a knife and forced him to drag it across his own throat as Kris watched in horror in real life. After Dean's funeral, Kris realized that she really knew Dean way before high school but was unable to fully remember. She started to confide in Jesse about her nightmares as the other kids began dying.

Alternate Death

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Dean was originally supposed to die at a party. While in the house he falls asleep and is dragged up to the 2nd story. While on the edge of the balcony Freddy Krueger slashes him and he falls to his death. Kris Fowles watches the whole thing in horror as portrayed in the trailer.

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