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Dennis Johnson is a supporting character that appears in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. He is the father of the main protagonist, Alice Johnson and her victimized brother Rick Johnson. He is also the grandfather of Jacob Daniel Johnson.


Role in the films

The Dream Master

Dennis Johnson was an alcoholic who constantly complains and argues with his two children ever since the passing of his wife. He apparently has no relevance with Freddy; meaning he wasn't one of the Elm Street parents responsible for Freddy's death. Towards the finale of the Dream Master he picks up his parental behavior after the loss of Rick and following the Dream Child is a caring and loving father to Alice which supports her greatly.

The Dream Child

In the fifth movie, Dennis is first shown hiding behind the stands during Alice's graduation because he doesn't want to embarrass her because he was known as a drunk. As the movie goes on Dennis is shown to be a more better parent and recovering alcoholic. When Alice is hospitalized, Dennis is present when Alice learns that she is pregnant with Dan's child. He is supportive of his daughter and quickly protective of her. This is shown when Dan's parents confront them, after getting a call from her doctor. Due to her talk of Freddy, they believe that Alice isn't sane nor fit to raise the baby and quickly demand custody of their grandson.

Alice is quick to refuse them. When the Jordans still refuse (even hinting they'd take her to court), Dennis immediately stands up to them. He quickly announces that he won't let them talk to her like that. After Mark is killed by Freddy, he brings Alice home to sleep. In the movie's final scene, Dennis, Alice, Yvonne and baby Jacob are peacefully having a picnic.

Post-Dream Child

As it is confirmed that his daughter and grandson moved out of Springwood after Freddy's banishment, it is safe to say that he likely moved out with them to help support the two.


  • "Looking for something?"
  • "Alice! I'm talking to you, are you awake or what?"


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