Maggie and Freddy

Maggie and her father

Dr. Maggie Borroughs, born Katherine Krueger, is the protagonist of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. She was portrayed by actress Lisa Zane.

Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareEdit

Dr. Maggie Borroughs works at a troubled youth shelter outside of Springwood, Ohio, who is suffering from recurring dreams of a water tower and a young girl with red ribbons in her hair. When a troubled amnesiac is brought to her shelter, Maggie is disturbed to learn that this man has had the same dreams as her. Believing that he may be able to unlock the key to her recurring dreams, she takes the John Doe to Springwood, surprised to find that there are no children or teenagers in Springwood. She is also confronted by several runaway teens, who she attempts to send back to the shelter.

The John Doe is killed, revealing to Maggie his newfound information: Freddy didn't have a son, and it certainly wasn't the John Doe. Freddy had a daughter. Piecing her dreams and the events surrounding her together, Maggie goes home to find an adoption certificate. It is revealed to her that she was born Katherine Krueger, and she is the daughter of the Springwood Slasher.

As a child, Katherine's mother Loretta Krueger discovered her husband's identity and promised not to tell. Freddy killed her; Katherine saw it. Freddy lost custody of Katherine prior to his trial and she was adopted and renamed Maggie Borroughs.

Realizing that her father is attempting to use her as a vessel to kill teenagers in other parts of the world, now that Springwood has no teenagers, Maggie/Katherine decides to take a stand, delving into his mind and killing him by blowing him up with sticks of dynamite.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare WarriorsEdit

Dr. Maggie Borroughs appears in the six-issue comic. She is now in a relationship with Dr. Neil Gordon and is leading a support group for people who have survived the murder sprees of both her father and Jason Voorhees. She never speaks of her father, Neil tells Ash Williams, though Neil soon learns why when Maggie turns on her support group and Neil and embraces her dark heritage, proudly going by her birth name of Katherine Krueger. Her weapon of choice is claws on her fingernails. She is killed by a falling tank.


Lisa Zane is the sister of actor Billy Zane