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For the novelisation version of the character, see Dylan Porter (novelization version).

Dylan Porter is the main deuteragonist in Wes Craven's New Nightmare. He appears as Heather Langenkamp and Chase Porter's son and only child, who is known to sleep-walk at times. It is also revealed that he owns a toy dinosaur named Rex who is said to protect him from the demon that has taken the form of Freddy. Dylan's character shows many similarities to Jacob Daniel Johnson in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Role in the film


"Julie...Behind you..." Dylan, watching Freddy standing behind Julie in horror

In the movie, he and his mother begin to have disturbing visions of Freddy, but Dylan was first to have them. Wes Craven, soon explains to Heather later on that Freddy is like a genie in a bottle and her character plays as a gatekeeper to keep him from getting out. After having another episode, his mother takes him to a doctor. But the doctor begins to point the blame on Heather and her movies, even pointing the idea that Dylan may be better out of her care. Despite his babysitter, Julie's best assistance to keep Dylan from falling asleep (Heather's instructions), one of the nurses puts him to sleep.

This would soon cost Julie's life as she was soon murdered by Freddy in front of Dylan. While the doctors don't believe Dylan will get far as he's sedated, an angry Heather points out that Dylan sleep walks. During his escape, it can be shown how powerful Freddy's becoming. Growing stronger and stronger, to the point of literally grabbing Dylan in the air to pass the traffic so Dylan can reach home. He even manipulates reality for Heather to become Nancy again and her fellow co-worker and friend John Saxon as Donald Thompson. In this reality, its hinted that Dylan's role is as Nancy's son.

By the time Dylan reaches home, Freddy emerges into the real world and kidnaps Dylan. But Heather, now accepting her role, enters Freddy's world and comes to rescue Dylan. Eventually after many attempts and runs, Dylan defeated Freddy along with his mother. They find themselves home again, and read a manuscript by Wes Craven, thanking her for putting Freddy where he belongs again.


"Help me, Mommy!" Freddy pulls Dylan into his nightmares


  • His character seems similar with Jacob Daniel Johnson, such as, both of them are very young kids that were controlled by Freddy, and both of them helped their mother to defeat Freddy in the final battle scene.


  • "Never Sleep Again...Never Sleep Again...Ahh!"
  • "Julie...Behind you...Julie...Julie! No! Mommy! Rex!"
  • "I don't know, he just caught me, and then he let me go..."