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Dr. Elizabeth Simms was a fellow doctor and co-worker with Neil Gordon at the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, studying the pattern nightmares amongst the teenagers that are staying there. Whilst she is not explicitly a villain, she could be considered the secondary antagonist of Dream Warriors. Unbeknownst to herself and Dr. Gordon, their patients were the last of the Elm Street Children and were experiencing severe pattern nightmares, all of them seeing the same personification of the "Boogeyman" (Freddy), that is being dismissed by the other staffers at the hospital. It can be implied that, unlike Dr. Gordon, Dr. Simms is much more conservative in her understanding of the patients and consequently takes a harsher approach towards them. One example could be that following the death of Phillip Anderson, she pledged to tighten security arrangements by locking patients in their rooms during sleeping hours and starting a program of evening sedation. Another is how she frequently sends the patients to the "quiet room" for confinement; particularly Kincaid.

Whilst being initially intrigued by the credentials of her pattern nightmare research, Simms would later develop hostile feelings towards the new intern working for them, Nancy Thompson (the survivor of the first movie). When Dr. Gordon suggests giving the kids a drug that prevents them from dreaming, Dr. Simms is immediately shocked. She also places quick blame to Nancy as a bad influence on Dr. Gordon. Later on in the movie, she tells Dr. Carver what has happened since Nancy showed up, telling him that she has been forming havoc among the patients which gets both Nancy and Neil relieved of duty. This said she appeared to be genuinely sorry to see Neil go and promises to listen to the children. However she does not honor this promise and continues to endanger the children.


  • The nursing staff and porters at Westin Hills appear to be frightened of Simms. For example, when Max catches Jennifer in the TV room after hours, he is worried about what Simms would do if she was caught.
  • In the novels, it is mentioned that she would later be killed by Freddy.