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This is about the Elm Street of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. If you are looking for one or more other versions of Elm Street, please check Elm Street (disambiguation).

Elm Street (1)

Freddy chasing after Tina on Elm Street.

Elm Street is a residential street in a residential section of the town of Springwood. Various other residential streets are shown to intersect with it throughout the film series, though very little information is ever given about any of them.

Elm Street is where the homes of some of the teenage children, such as Nancy Thompson, are located and is also where Freddy Krueger went on at least part of his abduction and killing spree until his death. (It's implied in some of the films that he committed abductions other places in Springwood, though this raises a lot of questions.)

Elm Street (2)

It's houses are closely packed. One house catching on fire would probably quickly cause the houses on both sides of it to catch on fire, too. This could easily cause a chain reaction of houses catching on fire.

Residential lots on Elm Street[]