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The First Issue titled Little John in Slumberland is the first part of the three-piece comic Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, which is an adaption to the 1991 film of the same name.


An airplane is seen flying through a rainy and stormy sky with Freddy Krueger clinging to the tail. One of the passengers on the plane, John, asks a flight attendant if he could change seats but is told that all the seats are full. Shortly after the flight attendant left, John suddenly felt a raindrop land on his head and expresses his hatred of flying, causing a woman sitting beside him to to not be a pussy. He the suddenly notice a girl, who tells him that a mysterious man is gonna make him help him since he is the last, which confuses John. When the woman who was sitting on the right across the latter was suddenly ejected from her seat and was sent flying through the plane's ceiling, causing John to complain until his own seat fell through the plane's floor.

Falling in mid-air while screaming, he was about to crash-land through the roof of his house when he suddenly woke up in his own bed, revealing that everything that had happened was all just a nightmare until John discovered that his house is now plummeting in mid-air. As he clung onto a window for dear life, Freddy Krueger, wearing a witch's hat and cape, tells John through a Wicked Witch of the West quote that he is coming for him and his 'little soul too' before flying away on his broomstick and, at the same time, letting out a cackle. When his house hit the ground, John crashes through a window before finding himself in Elm Street. Walking along the road, he suddenly hears Freddy's laughter, and because he is not watching on where he is going, he tumbles down a small slope and bumps his head on a wooden ticket booth.

The man behind the booth gave John a bus ticket and orders him to immediately catch his bus. When John expressed confusion, he was suddenly strucked by a bus that came out of nowhere, and Freddy Krueger is revealed to be the bus driver. Freddy drives the bus at full speed, sending outside John Springwood. When he steps on the break, the latter is sent flying, causing him to make a hole through something that is invisible before hitting his head hard on a small rock. It turns out, John had crashed through an invisible barrier, which has mysteriously formed at the city limits of Springwood. Approaching the hole John had made, Freddy orders him to go fetch for him.

Regaining consciousness, John, who had suddenly lost his memory, proceeded to walk to a nearby city. Meanwhile, in her apartment, a woman named Maggie Burnham has a dream in which she saw a watchtower and a little girl in a pink dress, the same girl John encountered, playing with her father before she suddenly awoken by her alarm clock and she knew that her birthday has come and her mother, who continued to treat her as if she still fourteen, came to greet her, much to Maggie's annoyance. Mrs. Burnham knew that her daughter had dreamed the same dream again and Maggie claims that it is hard to ignore, despite twelve years of therapy, causing her mother to wish that it would go away. When Maggie tells her that she has to be at the 'shelter' at nine, Mrs. Burnham expressed her disapproval of it, as she expects her daughter to be a famous psychiatrist and not work at a place that is a 'home for delinquents', but Maggie states that it is a place for kids who have mental health problems and remarks that she herself is proud of her work before kissing her mother good-bye.

Arriving at the shelter, Maggie encounters a man warning his son Spencer that he'll not come back the next time he leaves him at the shelter. Upon seeing Maggie, the man expresses his displeasure over not seeing any improvements on his son. After he left, Spencer tells her that his father had just come by to give him new rules in regards to his mental condition, which are no more running away and setting his cars on fire, which is the reason on why he is sent to the shelter in the first place. Spencer even claimed that when he blew up the garage, his father barely blinked and that he wants his son to be like him when he grows up, in which he is expected to play football and date-raping co-eds. After Maggie tells him that he'll have to stand-up to his father one day, Kelly, who works in the shelter, came in with a pipe bomb, which he had found in Spencer's room. This cause the latter Spencer to make up an excuse that he was teaching some of the kids in the shelter on survival techniques before hastily leaving.

After Kelly left to put the pipe bomb away with the rest of the "arsenal", two security guards came in while restraining a teenage girl named Tracy. When one of the guards reported to Maggie that Tracy was beating up one of the kids, though the latter counter-argued that the kid she beaten was trying to hit on her. Maggie then reminds the guard that Tracy doesn't want to be touched and though he retorted that he also doesn't want to be touched either, due to having a nose bleed. When Maggie asks Tracy that if they have a session today, the latter tells her that she has a class with Doc, the therapist of the shelter, and tells her to go talk to him before hurrying off.