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Freddy Krueger's Glove (Wes Craven's New Nightmare)

This glove is an alternate version of the original bladed glove and it completely differs in design and appearance. While the original glove in the film series appears as a modified leather work glove, the glove that is seen in Wes Craven's New Nightmare is more organic-looking and appears to be a part of the The Entity's right hand.


The glove appears to resemble a normal human hand but is shown to have muscle texture. There are bone pieces on the hand and the fingers as well as on the sides of the glove. Five red tubes, possibly filled with blood, are shown to be attached to the fingers. Unlike the normal Freddy Krueger glove, in which the thumb doesn't have a finger blade, this alternate glove has blades on all five fingers.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare[]

Mechanical hand

The glove as a mechanical hand.

The Glove originally appeared to be an animatronic hand that Chase Porter is working on, which he states that it will be a new Freddy Krueger Glove. In a fictional A Nightmare on Elm Street film, which a fictionalized version of New Line Cinema is shooting, Freddy Krueger constructs the mechanical hand in his lair in the Dream World, to which it develops a sentient mind of its own, though it proved to be quite unstable. The animatronic claw was meant to be a replacement for Freddy's right hand to which the latter amputates with a cleaver.

When the Entity manifested, it magically makes the robot claw attack and kill some of the film crew, which is all just a nightmare. When the Entity later assumed the form of an alternate and more demonic version of Freddy Krueger, the mechanical claw now takes on a more organic appearance, as it seemed to have merged with the Entity's right hand.

The Entity about to kill Julie

The Entity about to kill Julie with the glove.

The glove is used to wound Chase which caused him to get into a car accident that ultimately resulted in his death. Though, the Entity later tried to kill Heather Langenkamp, who plays Nancy Thompson, she managed to survive but her left arm was scarred in the process. At a hospital, the Entity uses the glove to kill Dylan babysitter Julie which horrifies Dylan and the doctors, though Dylan is the only one who could see "Freddy Krueger", due to having fallen asleep. Later, as the latter was walking across the road, the Entity uses one of the glove's blades to prevent Dylan from getting hit by the oncoming vehicles.

The glove was used for a final time in an attempt to kill both Heather and Dylan. When the Entity was defeated in a final battle by the two, the glove is presumably destroyed.