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Top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills

The version of Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street (film series) film series has killed plenty of people during his killing spree.

This list shows the murders that the version of Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series commits that are depicted on screen.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
Tina Death Tina awakens to the sound of a stone, tapping on her window, breaking the contact area. Puzzled, Tina goes outside to hear Freddy Krueger calling her name. She walks out further. Just then, a trash can lid rolls in front of her making a startling noise. Then, Freddy's shadow appears around the corner, Freddy emerges. Tina says "Please God" and Freddy moves his claws threateningly saying "This... is God". He chases her down the alley. Tina turns back, he is gone. Just then he jumps from behind a tree and makes her watch as her cuts off his finger and it squirts green ooze. She runs, he chases her up the stairs, knocking her off and rolling around on the floor with her. She grabs his face which proceeds to tear off, he laughs. Tina rolls all over her bed, her chest is slit with his claws, she floats up to the ceiling after being spun around in mid-air. Her cutting continues until her bloody, lifeless body falls to the floor.
Rod Death Same as the physical world, or was not shown, the final result is that Freddy hanged Rod through unknown means in Rod's dream. Rod is in jail for Tina Gray's murder. There, Freddy slips through the jail bars and wraps Rod's bedsheets around his neck, drags him across the floor and hangs him on the bars in the jail's window.
Glen Death

Same as the physical world, or was not shown, the final result is that Freddy had dragged Glen through something in order for him to get liquefied and sprayed out as a geyser of blood in Glen's dream.

Glen is listening to music on his bed. There, Freddy's arm tears through the mattress from beneath and drags him into the bed. Then, a geyser of blood sprays out of the hole and floods the ceiling. In an extended scene that was not in the movie, Glen's dead body rises out of the hole and falls over on the bed.
Marge Death

Marge is laying drunk in bed and goes up in flames.

Marge is laying drunk on her bed. Then, a flaming Freddy enters the room and kneels on top of her and attacks her, causing her to go up in flames. Then, a giant hole opens up in her bed and she slowly falls into it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
Coach'sdeath 2 takes place in the physical world A possessed Jesse Walsh stabs Schneider in the chest with Freddy's glove.
Nightmare2gradydeath3 takes place in the physical world Same, given Freddy was breaking out into the real world.
  • Lisa's Six Party Guests Murdered by Freddy

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
Phillip Death Philip has his hands and feet tendons torn out by Freddy, who then proceeds to use them as a marionette's strings. Once next to a window, Freddy cuts the "strings" to make him fall. Freddy guides Philip to the window and makes him fall to death.
Jennifer Death Jennifer tries to manually change the channel on the television showing static. It grows arms and grabs her, lifting up to the top where Freddy's head. Freddy then bashes Jennifer against the screen, electrocuting her. Jennifer somehow crashes herself into the television, despite it being too high for her to get there without jumping or such.
Taryn's Death Taryn finds Freddy in an alley. Freddy turns his fingers into syringes, and injects Taryn with heroin, causing a fatal overdose. Unclear
Nancy Death Freddy tricks Nancy when he appears to her as her father, Donald, and stabs her in the ribs and stomach with his clawed glove. He yells "Die!" and stabs her in the same area much deeper. Unclear
Nightmare3willdeath3 Will turns himself into a wizard, destroys a magic wheelchair Freddy used to attack him and attacks with lightning. Freddy then grabs Will, lifts him up and pins him against the hallway wall. He then kills Will by stabbing him in the chest with his clawed glove. Unclear
Nightmare3donalddeath4 Takes place in the physical world Unclear, but it involves him getting impaled in the metal.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
-00 20 14--20120824-174611-9- Kincaid awakens in a trunk, and breaks out to find Jason (his dog) digging a hole. When Kincaid goes up to the dog, it barks and growls at him before urinating a fire which brings Freddy Krueger back to life. Kincaid runs and pushes a car down on Freddy and cheers in happiness, believing to kill him. Suddenly, all the cars in the junkyard come to life and blockade all the exits. Kincaid screams out "Kristen, Freddy's back" before he is stabbed three times in the stomach. Kincaid awakens, and grabs his stomach before collapsing back lifelessly on the bed as Jason sniffs him.
Joey before Joey feels a vibration underneath his waterbed and finds the pin-up model from a poster in his room underneath the mattress. The two touch hands before she is sucked under the water by an unknown force. Suddenly, Freddy pops out from beneath the covering and pulls Joey under, before stabbing him with his claw. Joey's lifeless body is found by his mother, underneath the waterbed's covering (which, oddly enough, is still intact despite Freddy bursting through it in the dream world, and Joey's body being INSIDE it in the physical world).
Kris Kristen lays on a beach happy that Alice's advice on good dreams worked, and witnesses a little girl named Alice building a sandcastle. However, Freddy's claw makes its way to the shore in a shark-like fashion and he bursts up through the sand castle. Kristen runs, but is sucked down into quicksand. Freddy forces her head through the quicksand with his foot, and she falls through a hole into the Elm Street House. She ends up in the boiler room where Freddy taunts her to pull a friend into the room. She accidentally pulls Alice into the dream, and Freddy states "How sweet, fresh meat". Kristen runs up to Freddy in order to keep him from attacking Alice, but she is grabbed and thrown into the boiler. Kristen passes her powers onto Alice as she dies. Alice gets the feeling something bad happened to Kristen. Rick and Alice run into Kristen's room to find that she has been burned alive in bed with no sources to have caused the fire.
Sheila death Alice accidentally pulls Sheila into the dream world when she falls asleep in class. The words on Sheila's physics test forms "Learning is fun... With Freddy!" and then her pen pours blood. A robotic arm pops out of the test and grabs Sheila by the face. Alice tries to help, but is confined to her desk by Freddy. The arm grabs her hand and pulls it into the desk, but she fights it off. Both girls see Freddy at the teacher's desk and he walks over to Sheila removing her glasses before flicking his tongue at her. Freddy then asks her if she wants to suck face, before kissing her. Freddy sucks all the air out of her body. Her body becomes thinner and her eyes begin to lose their coloration. Freddy throws her body back down on the desk and says "You flunk." Sheila begins to have a shortness of breath, before collapsing from death. Everyone believes her to be dead from a fatal asthma attack.
RickKilled Rick falls asleep in the bathroom, where a bunch of cheerleaders ambush him and cover him in their pom-poms. Rick sees Alice among the crowd. When they disappear, he sees Kristen and she appears to look normal in her reflection. When she turns around, he sees Kristen is badly burned and backs into the stall in a panic. The stall turns into an elevator controlled by Freddy, which violently shakes him around as he is sent to the ground floor. Rick exits into a dojo, where he is attacked by an invisible Freddy, which gains the upper hand and knocks Rick off his feet. Rick gets back up and begins to gain the upper hand on Freddy, and kicks his glove away. While celebrating, Freddy sends his glove flying and it stabs Rick in the fore-chest. Same as real life, or was not shown
-01 09 38--20120930-173626-8- Debbie Stevens bench presses and notices Freddy above her as he grabs the barbell and forces the barbell down, snapping Debbie's elbows opens as insect legs sprout from her arms and they fall off. As she panics, she unknowingly runs into a roach motel and falls face-first into a floor of adhesive due to losing her balance because of Freddy's walking. Attempting to pull herself away, she tears away her face and upper body (her legs being the only part of her body still attached), revealing an entire cockroach body as she notices Freddy peering into the motel. Freddy tells her that she can "check in, but she can't check out" before crushing the trap and killing Debbie. Same as real life, or was not shown (Likely crushed underneath her barbell)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
Nightmare 5 (6) After his truck crashes, Dan Jordan (A Nightmare on Elm Street film series) is unable to return to it and takes a motorcycle. Freddy possesses the vehicle, embedds Dan with wires, electrocuting him, and eventually turning him into a hideous-looking cyborg completely fused to the bike. Dan falls asleep in his pickup truck and crashes head-on into a semi-truck.
Nightmare 5 (1) Greta argues with her mom at a dinner party, and then Freddy arrives. He locks Greta to a chair, and starts force-feeding her with what's revealed to be Greta's own innards. Greta has a sudden death after falling asleep at the dinner party.
-01 08 26--20120930-154505-2- Mark browses through comic books on his floor and finds one titled "Nightmares From Hell" finding Dan's death depicted inside, as well as Freddy's resurrection in Alice's nightmare from the beginning of the film. Upon arriving at a page depicting an illustration of himself reading the comic, he is sucked inside as he screams for Alice. Mark finds himself in the comic book world and is pursued by Freddy, who corners him and taunts him with Greta's form when she died before pushing her off a ledge, as she turns into a porcelain doll and shatters. An enraged Mark turns into his comic character, The Phantom Prowler and shoots Freddy multiple times, seemingly defeating him. Freddy, however, pops back up as "Super Freddy", rendering Mark's firepower useless before slashing his abdomen, turning him into a paper version of himself as his ink drains to the floor. Freddy begins to slash up Mark into bits of paper as he screams. Mark's bloody arm is seen lying nearby the "Nightmares From Hell" comic book and he is crushed under debris from the warehouse collapsing when discovered by Alice.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (film)

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
Freddydead2 Carlos Rodriguez finds himself in an apartment and unable to turn around due to a brick wall behind him. Carlos' abusive mother appears before him and slaps him, holding a gigantic Q-Tip as Carlos begs that his is sorry. It is revealed that this is really Freddy as he jams the Q-Tip through Carlos' left ear, popping out his hearing aid before slicing off his eardrum too. Freddy grabs Carlos and tosses him through the wall into the boiler room where he plays on Carlos' deafness by dancing, shouting and creeping behind him. Freddy gives Carlos back the hearing aid, which attaches itself as a parasite to Carlos' ear and increasing the amplification of the hearing aid, making even the quietest noises such as a dripping faucet painful. Freddy then begins to drop pins onto the ground, all of which hurt Carlos' ears. Freddy then appears to him, holding a chalkboard and begins to violently scratch it with his glove until Carlos' head explodes and the hearing aid lands back in Freddy's hands. Same as real life, or was not shown
  • Spencer is transported into a video game, where Freddy is a video game sprite, he then falls into a pit of sprites depicting his dad, in the physical world, he falls into a hole.

Freddy vs. Jason

Picture Dream World description Physical World description
not depicted, for obvious reasons takes place in the physical world killed with glove, though not depicted, for obvious reasons
  • Freddy murders a little girl at the very start of the film. (Takes place before Freddy was burned to death, and, thus, before the first film.)
  • Bobby Davis committed suicide, or so Mark thought. He was most likely killed by Freddy.
  • Mark Davis was burned by Freddy, then he cuts his face.
  • Freddy digs his knives in Mrs. Campbell's chest, killing her instantly.