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This is about the Freddy Krueger of Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you are looking for one or more other versions of Freddy Krueger, please check Freddy Krueger (disambiguation).

Frederick Krueger is a serial killer and the main antagonist of the comic set Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street. He is explicitly stated to have been a sexual sadist when he was alive, though it wasn't said that he was a molester. Moreover, it was never mentioned that this version of Freddy Krueger has a wife or any children.


Early life[]

On December 25, 1946, Amanda Krueger, a nurse/nun who worked at Our Lady of Sorrows Institution for the Mentally Ill, was ruthlessly attacked and raped a hundred times while she was trapped in a room filled with other maniacs. The next day, Amanda was found by the guards along with two nuns and they discovered that she is barely alive and is pregnant. She later gave birth to Freddy Krueger, who was put in St. Dominic's Home for Orphans, where he was adopted by Paul Strunk and his wife, who lovingly took him into their home. However, that night, burglars snuck into the Strunks' house and kidnapped Freddy, who was just a baby at that time, right after they murdered his adoptive parents.

Freddy was then sold to Walter "Stork" Fingle, who worked as a procurer, and his wife, Isabel Tront, who works together with her husband as a prostitute. Why the couple wanted the baby is unknown, though it is believed to be of some perverse parenting impulse. By the age of six, he began working with the couple in handling their business and was abused at the hands of his caretaker, who threaten to cut him with his shaving razor as a way to discipline Freddy, if he dares disturb their customers/invade their privacy. Overtime, Freddy, now a teenager and unstable and psychotic in nature, used his father's razor to kill him and his wife by quietly slitting their throats as they slept, in revenge for their abuse.

For the next several years, Freddy lived a life of crime, but as he is now homeless, he is forced to sleep outdoors.

Springwood Slasher[]

In his adulthood, Freddy asserted that he had learned to control his dreams, which would prove to be skeptical amongst other people. In addition, he began to take pleasure in sexual ecstasy, which derives from the exercise of absolute domination, as well as the infliction of pain. He soon moved into an abandoned Power Plant, which is then referred to as his "fortress", while the building's Boiler Room became his dungeon". After Freddy would kidnap and kill his victims, he would immediately disposed off the bodies in the furnace in a seemingly more ritualistic way rather than to cover his crimes.

Freddy was eventually caught and arrested by the authorities but was released in court after the judge ruled that the evidence gathered during Krueger's case was obtained improperly. Freddy was then tracked down by the vengeful parents of his victims and he was burned alive and Police suspected that arson was involved.


After suffering a burning death, Freddy Krueger rose from the dead as a malevolent demon and began a killing spree on the teenage-children of Springwood, in which he would kill them in their dreams, which would also bring them death in the physical world.


Powers and abilities[]

Shapeshifting: Freddy Krueger can take on the form of different people to trick his victims.

Reality-Alteration: Freddy can alternate and warp reality to his will in dreams.




Pre-death adult[]

He is depicted as having somewhat long hair.


He is depicted as looking the same as he did in the film series.


Issue 1[]


Issue 2[]






List of confirmed human victims of Freddy Krueger[]

  • Walter Fingle
  • Isabel Tront
  • Unnamed blonde-haired girl
  • Various children and teenagers


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