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Freddy Krueger is a character in Jesse's Lost Journal.

The Freddy Krueger of Jesse's Lost Journal is depicted in Jesse's Lost Journal as the "real" Freddy Krueger, while the Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street (film series) is depicted in Jesse's Lost Journal as a dramatization of him, predominantly by Robert Englund, who is a separate character in the story, though Freddy Krueger possesses Robert Englund's body at the end of the story .

It is explicitly stated multiple times that he was a child molester while alive.

Near the end of Jesse's Lost Journal, this version of Freddy Krueger goes from Jesse Walsh's body to Robert Englund's body.


Possessing Jesse[]

Possessing Robert Englund[]



He is described as being much more fashion conscious than the Freddy Krueger of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series.