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This list shows the murders that the version of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 film) committed post-death. The film doesn't say whether or not he committed any murders pre-death, though it is plausible that he did.

This list is currently incomplete.

Victim Picture Dream World description Physical World description
Dean Russell PICTURE NEEDED HERE. not shown Dean Russell was forced to cut his own throat by Freddy.
Kris Fowles PICTURE NEEDED HERE. not shown Kris Fowles' death was similar to Tina Gray's death.
Jesse Braun PICTURE NEEDED HERE. Freddy's right hand pierces through Jesse Braun's chest. the same
Gwen Holbrook PICTURE NEEDED HERE. takes place in the physical world Freddy stabs Gwen Holbrook through the head from behind with glove.