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The Freddy vs. Jason Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Freddy vs. Jason. It includes 20 tracks of songs performed by various metal bands.


  1. How Can I Live by III Nino
  2. When Darkness Falls by Killswitch Engage
  3. Beginning of the End by Spineshank
  4. Sun Doesn't Shine by Mushroomhead
  5. Condemned until Rebirth by Hatebreed
  6. Snap ('97 demo) by Slipknot
  7. Army of Me by Chimaira
  8. The After Dinner Payback by From Autumn to Ashes
  9. Leech by Sevendust
  10. Bombshell by Powerman 5000
  11. Welcome to the Strange by Murderdolls
  12. Out of my Way by Seether
  13. Inside the Cynic by Stone Sour
  14. Swimming the Dead by DevilDriver
  15. The Waste by Sepultura and Mike Patton
  16. Middle of Nowhere by the Blank Theory
  17. Ether by Nothingface
  18. Trigger by Flames
  19. 11th Hour by Lamb of God
  20. (We Were) Electrocute by Type O Negative