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Henry is a character in Jesse's Lost Journal.

Henry is a psychiatrist who does her job at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital.


While the events depicted in Jesse's Lost Journal are not part of the series timeline or canon, Mark Patton (who played Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge) wrote a string of events that he believes could go down in history as "what really happened." Following the timeline of the film series, the events we see in Freddy's Revenge take place in 1986, while the events described in Jesse's diary are mentioned as occurring in 1982 and 1985.

Henry has an agenda with the necessary questions to anchor Jesse in the psychiatric center, she doesn't want him to leave. She has a first session with Jesse as a patient, it is there where she prefers to hear from his mouth what she knows after reading files. Jesse confesses what happened to James Van Landingham in Northgate and how he ended up in Springwood, at the house on Elm Street.

The reason for Henry's intentions and her desire to lock Jesse in the psychiatric center is unknown, however, her interrogation of him was biased because no one believed the story of a man like Freddy, adding to the prolific history of both family and social violence that Jesse has been dealing with since he was very young.

After Jesse manages to escape from the psychiatric center, absolutely nothing more is known about Dr. Henry and Johnson.


Henry's personality is not explored in the journal entries, however, at first glance it could be said that she is someone who does not mean well to Jesse and wants him to stay locked up in the psychiatric center.

Physical appearance[]

There was no physical description of the character.


Jesse Walsh[]

According to Johnson, Henry doesn't mean Jesse well because she wants to lock him up in the psychiatric center. However, she is shown to be very kind and respectful during sessions where Jesse is her patient.


  • Henry is one of the few original characters alongside Colin, Johnson, Stan and James Van Landingham that Mark Patton wrote for the story.