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The Entity is pleased! Kill more meat!'' ~The Voices.

Hooks are one of the 20 Props featured in Dead by Daylight.


Hook Mechanics[]


When in proximity to a Hook that has not been sabotaged or broken from an earlier sacrifice, the Killer carrying a Survivor is given the opportunity to hook that Survivor, placing them onto the Hook, this action takes 1.5 seconds.

If a Survivor is killed by the Entity on the Hook, the Killer will be unable to use the same Hook on another Survivor. The Basement Hooks are an exception to that.


Survivors are given the opportunity to unhook their dying teammate, unhooking takes 1 second to finish.

Hooked Survivors may attempt to unhook themselves from the hook, this action takes 1.5 seconds per attempt.


Survivors with a Toolbox  or just the Perk Saboteur  equipped, have the opportunity to walk up to a Hook and sabotage it, breaking it temporarily in the process. This action takes 3 seconds with either option.

Killers are unable to hook a Survivor onto a sabotaged Hook, and will have to look elsewhere, potentially losing the Survivor on their shoulder if another Hook is outside of their remaining carrying range before the Survivor wiggles off.

Hook Sabotage grants 500 Bloodpoints  in the Boldness Category.

The Entity auto-repairs sabotaged Hooks after 30 seconds.

  • That time can be increased by Survivors using the Grip Wrench  Add-on on a Toolbox.

The Basement Hooks and Event-specific Hooks cannot be sabotaged.

Basement Hooks[]

The Basement Hooks are a unique set of four Hooks located in the Basement that are attached to the same Hook post. They are always located in the centre of the Basement. They can't be sabotaged and also don't break upon sacrifice. This is so that in spite of all other Hooks being sabotaged, the Killer will always have an opportunity somewhere on the Map to hook a Survivor.

Hook Designs[]

In the early days of the game, each Killer had their own personal Hook Design that was used on every Map they played on.

Survivors quickly learnt that they could identify a Killer by taking a look at the design of the nearest Hook shortly after spawning. Thus Killers relying on the element of surprise were revealed too early to the Survivors and popular tactics, like to hold off on using one's Power if it made distinct noises to disguise one's identity for as long as possible, were nullified.

The Developers realized this and changed Hooks to no longer be tied to a Killer prior to the release of the Halloween Chapter. They were from then on bound to the Realm.

It can still be clearly seen that the three original Hooks were designed to have similar features to their respective Killers. Newer Hooks were designed to fit more into the general theme of their Realm.

Springwood's Hook[]

The Nightmare's Hook: put together from the plumbing of old-fashioned central heating units found in the Boiler Room, held together with chains.


  • Hooks were also referred to as "Meathooks".
  • The Hooks mechanic was inspired by a scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where Leatherface (or The Cannibal) catches Pam and puts her on a Meathook.
  • There's an unreleased Hook model named Deer Hanger in the Game files. It is stored in a folder titled Improvised Hooks. It is possible that Killers might have been able to fashion their own Hook from scrap materials at one point during Development, in cases of Survivors having sabotaged all other Hooks.