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James Van Landingham (called in the first instance Derrick) is a character in Jesse's Lost Journal.

He is a student and was a Jesse Walsh's rival, being the cause for the Walshes to move from the city to Springwood.


While the events depicted in Jesse's Lost Journal are not part of the series timeline or canon, Mark Patton (who played Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge) wrote a string of events that he believes could go down in history as "what really happened." Following the timeline of the film series, the events we see in Freddy's Revenge take place in 1985, while the events described in Jesse's diary are mentioned as occurring in 1982 and 1985.

The Van Landingham family runs the town, the school and the company where Ken Walsh worked.

Northgate was Jesse Walsh's high school before moving to Springwood. James Van Landingham would also attend there, a boy who, according to Jesse in his entries, was an asshole who made his life hell. Every day, every minute, he called him Fag, Homo, Queer, even followed him everywhere. Jesse began to get depressed and had fits, the teachers did absolutely nothing, so his anger was increasing.

One day while he was walking through the yard, James yelled at him that if he could suck his dick in front of his friends, that was the straw that broke the camel's back because Jesse took a brick and hit him in the face and then the back of the head as he fell. on the floor. The first blow knocked out six teeth and broke his nose.

This situation cost Ken about $200,000 for a settlement and $30,000 to pay for the house on Elm Street, plus the fact that James's family put up a perimeter fence that prohibits Jesse from coming within 1000 feet of James.


Ron is a competitive young man and usually gets angry if he loses, he is nice and funny (so he does not hesitate to make jokes when he can). It could also be said that he is someone absent-minded because Kerry seems to have feelings for him but he doesn't notice her.

He is very good at performing sports, a bit rough when eating and doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks. He has the desire to be a hundred star even though his father does not like the idea.

Physical appearance[]

There was no physical description of the character.


Jesse Walsh[]

His relationship with Jesse presents a dynamic full of conflicts, involving violence and generating trauma in Jesse due to the constant verbal and physical violence that James perpetuated on him.


  • James Van Landingham is one of the few original characters alongside Colin, Henry, Stan and Johnson that Mark Patton wrote for the story.