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Jason is the pet dog of Roland Kincaid.

He appears in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.


He was one of the few animal characters that appeared in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series.

Role in the film[]

Jason is only seen in The Dream Master. After pulling in her friends Joey Crusel and Kincaid into her dreams, Kristen Parker is worried about Freddy Krueger's presence, she then leans near an open tunnel, where Jason immediately jumps out and bites Kristen's hand. The next day at school Kristen shows Joey and Kincaid her injured arm, which Kincaid rebuttals saying "My dog is like me, drag him into your crazy dreams and he gets wild".


"Woof! Woof!" Jason witnesses Freddy return and his owner's death

While Kincaid is playing in his room, the door slowly opens to a shadowy figure that resembles Freddy's head, immediately in shock he gets up, the camera then pans to show that it is Jason who just entered his room. Jason then gets up to snuggle next to Kincaid, who then falls asleep, Jason then begins to whimper and Kincaid is the Dream World.

Immediately getting out of the car trunk, Kincaid spots Jason digging near the center of the dirt field when he goes to see what Jason is doing, Jason turns around and loudly barks at him. Jason then proceeds to urinate fire which soon causes Freddy's resurrection (or at least that's one interpretation). Then, Jason barks angrily at Freddy. Then Jason, in Kincaid's nightmare, soon runs away.

After Kincaid get stabbed three times, slashed and gutted with four deep wounds across his belly by Freddy, who turned back to life in his nightmare. He even grabbed his deep cuts in his stomach and shows the courage to defeat Freddy at this time, but because the wounds in his abdomen were fatal, Kincaid finally falls under Freddy's hand with his famous last words: "I'll see you in hell..." to Freddy. In the physical world, Jason is standing on Kincaid's bedside, sniffing the deceased Kincaid and whimpering.


  • It is noted that Jason is one of the only animal characters from the series, also he's one of the few that Freddy did not attack, showing that apparently, like Jason Voorhees, Freddy has no desire to kill animals, though this could be interpreted other ways. However, in his childhood Freddy was seen killing a class hamster, though that could have been interpreted as Freddy "experimenting" with death.
  • In the remake, a dog named Rufus, who is similar to Jason, makes an appearance as the pet of Kris. Possibly influenced by Jason.