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Jesse Braun (1993-2010) was the ex-boyfriend of Kris Fowles, a friend of Quentin Smith and Nancy Holbrook. He is the main tritagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 film) and he is mostly based on Rod Lane from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. Jesse is also the third victim of Freddy Krueger's killing spree in the rebooted timeline.


Jesse had been at the diner the same night Dean Russell was murdered. At Dean's funeral he begins to be overprotective of Kris Fowles. When Nancy tells Kris that she has seen things too, Jesse rudely shuts her down to protect Kris. He later goes to Kris's house and she lets him spend the night. After they both fall asleep, Jesse wakes up to the sound of Kris screaming. While she is flying all over the room she is murdered by Krueger and blood splashes on Jesse. Jesse is then accused

Jesse (2)

Hopeless Prisoner Jesse right before his death

and arrested for the murder of Kris Fowles. While in jail, he tries various techniques to stay awake, but ends up falling asleep.


Jesse's death

Heart-broke Freddy impales Jesse's chest, killing him

When he believes he is being released on bail from jail and leaves, Jesse realizes he has fallen asleep. Freddy Krueger attacks, toys with him and then after momentarily disappearing, comes up behind Jesse and impales his chest with his hand. In the real world Jesse, who was never released on bail, is killed in front of his cellmate, but back in the Dream World Krueger mentions that the brain lingers on for seven minutes after death, meaning Jesse's consciousness is still alive until then. Krueger goes on to say that they have six more minutes to "play" leaving Jesse's final six minutes to live being tortured by Freddy.