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Johnson is a character in Jesse's Lost Journal.

He was a student at Springwood High School and currently serves as a Police Guard at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital.


While the events depicted in Jesse's Lost Journal are not part of the series timeline or canon, Mark Patton (who played Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge) wrote a string of events that he believes could go down in history as "what really happened." Following the timeline of the film series, the events we see in Freddy's Revenge take place in 1985, while the events described in Jesse's diary are mentioned as occurring in 1982 and 1985.

According to Jesse's diary entries, Johnson confessed to Jesse that he went to school with Nancy Thompson. Nancy was a freshman back then when he was a senior, they were never friends however they had classes together and he "knew what was up". He also tells Jesse that he witnessed Nancy being taken to a psychiatric facility. It is Johnson who confesses to Jesse that Lisa's body disappeared, giving him hope that she is alive.

After Jesse manages to escape from the psychiatric center, absolutely nothing more is known about him or Dr. Henry.


Johnson's personality is not explored in the journal entries, however, at first glance it could be said that he is someone who cares about the well-being of people and it is for that very reason that he tries to help Jesse by informing him of how the police advance with homicide cases and how she is really Dr. Henry.

Physical appearance[]

There was no physical description of the character.


Jesse Walsh[]

He seems to have some fondness/pity for Jesse Walsh when he relapses into the psychiatric facility. He has always sought to support him and does not hesitate to give him sheets of paper, journals and art tools so that he can entertain himself in solitude.