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Katja Institute is a university hospital in Ohio, specialising in the study of sleep disorders. After taking in Nancy Thompson as a patient, the institute became the first to discover the supernatural effects of Freddy Krueger.


A Nightmare On Elm Street[]

The Katja Institute was a medical facility and university school specializing in the study of sleep disorders. It was located in the town of Springwood, Ohio. In 1981, Marge Thompson brought her daughter Nancy there in the hopes of discovering the truth behind her recent string of nightmares. A physician named Doctor King hooked Nancy up to an EEG machine as well as several other monitors and studied her while she slept. During her dream, Nancy was assaulted by the monstrous dream demon known as Freddy Krueger. She grappled with Freddy, but when she awakened, she found that she was able to grab onto his hat and pull it out of her dream.




  • The Katja Institute is likely named after Katja Shaye, who is the daughter of New Line Cinema head Robert Shaye.