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These six people and other people arrived for a pool part at Lisa Webber's house that was thrashed by Freddy Krueger.


Several people including these six, came to Lisa's place for a pool party. Freddy possessed Jesse Walsh, who had arrived at the party, and killed these six (while one was accidentally trampled by other party guests). He kills one of them by slashing his face with his glove, two when they fell in the pool and caught on fire, one falling into fire, one being stabbed in the stomach by Krueger, and one by throwing him to a grill. Their souls were absorbed by Freddy and were released when Alice Johnson defeated Freddy in the A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.


Only one didn't die by Freddy, he was accidentally trampled by other party guests when they were trying to get away from Freddy.

The party-goer who was trampled by other guests, the one that had his face slashed, the two that fell in the pool and burned, the one who got stabbed in the stomach, and the one who fell in fire got the golden chainsaw in dead meat's kill count.