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Lisa Harper is a character of the 2010 remake and an Elm Street child.


Lisa attended Badham Preschool where she and her classmates would play with the school's gardener: Freddy Krueger. He constantly brought the kids in a secret room in the basement where he lived, and molested and tortured them. This caused the kids to have injuries and odd behavior. The kids then told the parents what Krueger did to them. The parents were furious and outraged and to prevent them from going to court and tell people what Krueger did to them, worked together to kill him, except Nancy Holbrook's mother, who was against it. She wanted to go to the police but the parents begged to differ. They chased him into a factory and burned him to death. The events of Krueger molesting and hurting the children were erased from the kids' memories and their parents did everything they could that they would never remember them. When Lisa turned into a teenager, she became a star athlete.


Krueger somehow came back and began attempting to kill Lisa and the other kids, who were now teens, to get revenge on them and their parents, the kids for telling their parents what he did to them and causing his death and the parents for killing him. Nancy Holbrook and Quentin Smith tried to find Lisa and the other kids but discovered they were already dead. A newspaper article said she died in her sleep.