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Mr. and Mrs. Doris Jordan are the parents of Dan Jordan and the paternal grandparents of Jacob Daniel Johnson. Not much is really known about them, but they do appear to be caring, if not over protective, parents. And often pressuring Dan about his future. And are over protective with their grandson in The Dream Child. They appear to be close friends with Dr. Moore, Alice's prenatal doctor. They do not appear to know much if any about Freddy Krueger.


There's not much to really be known or said about the Jordans' family. They did love their son and appeared to be alright with their son's relationship with Alice. They appear to come from a normal, possibly white-collar family setting. They are both given a terrible shock when they lose Dan in what appeared to be a motorcycle accident. Unknown to both was that Freddy had really murdered him.

It's not known when, but at some point they found out about Alice's pregnancy and that Dan was the father. It did not appear that they had a problem with Alice raising him nor that they had a problem with Dennis Johnson. That soon change when Alice made a scene at her sonogram appointment, ranting about Freddy being there. While she did see Freddy influencing himself over her child, Yvonne and Dr. Moore didn't see him, thus didn't believe her.

After that Dr. Moore contacted the Jordans and told them of Alice's little scene at her sonogram appointment. Believing that Alice was going delusional from grief over Dan's death or the pressure of the pregnancy, they confront her and Dennis. Though they try to be subtle, they clearly make it sound like they don't believe Alice can take care of the baby. Then state that they want to adopt the baby (Jacob) and raise it like their son. Alice politely tries to decline but Mr. Jordan confronts Alice and Dennis about her scene she made at the prenatal ward.

Doris, then begins to tell Alice its not about her feelings, its about the baby. However, Alice stands her grounds and loudly states they can't have her son. The Jordans however, aren't willing to back down either and state they'll take the custody to court and have a claim to "it" (Jacob), being the last part of Dan they have left. Dennis angrily intervened when he believed the Jordans were threatening Alice. Alice made it clear though that she was going to raise her baby.

It's not known if there was a custody case or if the Jordans ever took Alice and Dennis to court. But it appears at the end of the film, where Dennis, Alice, and Yvonne are at the park with Jacob; that Alice has full custody of her son.