Nancy Holbrook
Nancy Holbrook is the protagonist of 2010's Nightmare on Elm Street remake. She is portrayed by actress Rooney Mara.

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)Edit

Nancy Holbrook is a high school student who works as a waitress at the Springwood Diner. During one of her shifts, while she is making her rounds, she comes across her sleep deprived friend Dean, informing him that management would kick him out if he kept falling asleep at the table. Things take a turn for the worse as Dean kills himself in front of Nancy and their friends.

At Dean's funeral, Nancy sees a photograph of everybody together in preschool and asks her mother about it. Her mother denies that Nancy and everybody knew one another back in those days. She finds herself stalked by a hideously disfigured man who begins to stir long-forgotten memories in her. Nancy learns from her mother Gwen that Freddy Krueger was a gardener at her preschool, who had an extreme fondness for the children...a little too fond. She tells Nancy that Freddy was accused of molesting the children and skipping town, but Nancy soon learns that's not the case at all. Gwen informs Nancy that she was Freddy's favorite. Nancy tries to find other survivors, but finds out very quickly that she and Quentin are the only survivors left. After a confrontation with Quentin's father -- principal of Springwood High -- Nancy and Quentin learn that Freddy did not skip town, but was in fact, burned alive by the parents. Horrified and terrified, unsure if Freddy really did the things he was accused of, they storm out. They are now convinced that Freddy is coming after them for lying about being molested.

By this time, both of them are so tired they are suffering from "micronaps" -- their brain shuts down for moments at a time, allowing Freddy to attack, including a particularly nasty attack on Nancy at the local pharmacy. At the hospital after Nancy's attack, Quentin steals some adrenaline and the two of them escape before the doctors can sedate Nancy. They go back to their old preschool and into Freddy's "Secret Cave", where they learn the truth: that Freddy did in fact molest the children, Nancy included. She goes to sleep in hopes of confronting him and finishing him off, though she learns that Freddy keeping her awake so long would keep her asleep permanently. Quentin is awakened by Nancy's screams, awakening her with the adrenaline needle, bringing both her and Freddy out of the dream.

After they kill Freddy with the paper cutter Quentin armed himself with, they go to the hospital. Nancy comes home to learn that it's not over, as Freddy kills her mother and takes her back into their living room mirror.


Final Destination 3's Amanda Crew auditioned for the role of Nancy Holbrook

Quotes Edit

"It hurts, doesn't it? That's because you're in my world, bitch!"