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No More Mr. Nice Guy
Season 1, Episode 1
No More Mr. Nice Guy title card
Air date October 9, 1988
Teleplay by Michael De Luca
David Ehrman
Rhet Topham
Directed by Tobe Hooper
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"No More Mr. Nice Guy" is the first episode of the 1st season of Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series.


Freddy Krueger has slain many children and teenagers, and is currently on the loose, but after a police officer catches Freddy trying to kill his daughters, Freddy is arrested. During the trial, the judge unfortunately discovers Freddy was never read his rights, so the judge must let him go, but it does not end there.


On this evening's program, the repulsive Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund) explains how he became the bon vivant and fashion plate who we know and hate so well. Freddy's ramblings lead to the evening's drama, all about a fellow who decides that the best way to get ahead is to stomp on everyone in his path.


  • Freddy's transformation into a malevolent spirit was foreshadowed when Lisa Blocker tries to dissuade her father from killing Freddy, warning him that 'it will only make it worse', which proved to be true, as when Lt. Blocker burned Freddy alive, this allowed the latter to become the demonic spirit he is now.


—A devastated Mother blaming Lt. Blocker for not reading to Krueger his Miranda Rights, which resulted in Freddy's release
"Ah, together, are you ready for Freddy?"
—Krueger mocking the adults before fleeing into his lair
"Freddy's home!"
—Krueger after putting on his bladed glove
"I got a right to remain at large cock. I got a right to remain silent."
—Freddy mocking Lt. Blocker
"I... am... forever!"
—Freddy prior to being burned to death
"The law is the law, but tonight the law is on vacation!"
—Lt. Blocker before dousing Freddy with gasoline and setting him on fire
"I'll be back! I'm free! Free!"
—Freddy as he burns to death


Episode Cast[]

  • Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
  • Ian Patrick Williams as Lt. Timothy Blocker
  • Anne E. Curry as Sarah Blocker (as Anne Curry)
  • Mark Herrier as Gene Stratton
  • William Frankfather as Robert Deeks
  • Alba Francesca as Woman
  • Tyde Kierney as Doc
  • Gry Park as Lisa Blocker
  • Hili Park as Merit Blocker
  • Gwen E. Davis as Judge
  • Tammara Souza as Mary Ann
  • Bob Goen as Reporter
  • Steven Reisch as Defense Attorney
  • Michael Joiner as Prosecutor (uncredited)

Episode Crew[]

  • Directed by Tobe Hooper
  • Teleplay by Michael De Luca, David Ehrman and Rhet Topham
  • Produced by Gilbert Adler, Jonathan R. Betuel, Jeff Freilich, Linda B. Greenblatt and Robert Shaye
  • Cinematography by David Calloway
  • Editing by Arthur Klein
  • Casting by Anthony Barnao and Lisa London
  • Production Designer – Mick Strawn
  • Art Director – Thomas A. O'Conor
  • Set Decorator – Linda Triandos
  • Costume Designer – Audrey M. Bansmer

Editorial Department[]

  • Warren Bowman – Assistant Editor
  • Barry Cohen – Format Editor
  • Ed Rowin – Telecine Colorist
  • Michael L. Sale – Assistant Editor
  • Joanne Silver – Assistant Colorist
  • Karen Tessler – Videotape Operator

Makeup Department[]

  • Patti Brand – Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist
  • Daniel Marc – Key Hair Stylist / Key Makeup Artist
  • Kevin Yagher – Makeup Designer: Freddy Krueger

Production Management[]

  • Bob Bain – Production Executive
  • Scott White – Unit Production Manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director[]

  • Richard Forrest – Second Assistant Director
  • Wolfgang E. Marum – First Assistant Director
  • Jeff Rafner – Second Assistant Director

Art Department[]

  • Ella St. John Blakey – Construction Coordinator
  • Don Blanks – Carpenter
  • Paul Byers – Property Master
  • Rebecca Carriaga – Set Dresser
  • David Cunningham – Carpenter
  • Patricia Dugan – Second Assistant Props
  • Rodger Enochson – Assistant Carpenter
  • Felisa Finn – Lead Scenic
  • Sue Finnegan – Assistant Set Dresser
  • Bradford Johnson – Leadman
  • Michael Kraft – Screen Man
  • Jim Landis – Property Assistant
  • Gary Sivertsen – Art Department Coordinator
  • William Thomas Taber – Carpenter
  • Miriam Warwick – Assistant Scenic

Sound Department[]

  • Ken Beauchene – Boom Operator
  • Peter Cole – Sound Mixer
  • Ken Dahlinger – Sound Effects Mixer
  • Kenn Fuller – Production Sound Mixer
  • Troy Smith – Sound Mixer
  • Greg Teall – Sound Effects Mixer

Special Effects[]

  • John P. Cazin – Special Effects Key
  • Ryan Effner – Special Effects
  • Andre G. Ellingson – Special Effects Coordinator
  • Randy Tarum – Special Effects Assistant

Visual Effects[]

  • Michael Dennis – Visual Effects Design Editor


  • Joe Stone – Stunt Coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department[]

  • Danny Buck – Gaffer
  • Richard Feld – Grip
  • Henry M. Lebo – Camera Operator
  • Michael Listorti – B Camera Dolly Grip
  • Russell Nordstedt – Key Grip
  • Edward C. Peters – Dolly Grip
  • Rick Robinson – Second Assistant Camera
  • Scott Rubin – Grip Best Boy
  • Glenn Schellerup – Electrical Best Boy
  • John Seckar – Electrician
  • Rich Sutherland – Electrician
  • Ray Wilbur – First Assistant Camera

Costume and Wardrobe Department[]

  • Philip Maldonado – Costume / Set Designer
  • Dana Sanchez – Costumer
  • Lydia Shiferaw – Wardrobe Assistant

Location Management[]

  • Russ Fega – Assistant Locations
  • Rick Rothen – Location Manager

Music Department[]

  • Nicholas Pike – Composer: Main Theme / Composer: Theme Music / Percussion Synth Programmer

Script and Continuity Department[]

  • Helen Pinkston – Script Supervisor
  • Andrea Walzer – Script Supervisor

Transportation Department[]

  • Jason Belsky – Transportation Captain
  • Carina Franchi – Driver
  • Griff Ruggles – Transportation Coordinator
  • Mark Twogood – Driver
  • Craig Williams – Driver
  • Terry Mack – Driver: Production Van (uncredited)

Additional Crew[]

  • Elizabeth Alward – Assistant: Gilbert Adler
  • Steve Asrilant – Production Assistant
  • Linda A. Borgeson – Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Wanda Bursey – Stand-In
  • Sixto Caceres – Chyron Operator
  • Michael De Luca – Executive Consultant
  • Jill Donner – Creative Consultant
  • Robert Englund – Series Consultant
  • Lisa Etherington – Assistant Consultant
  • Alyson Evans – Production Assistant
  • Heather Gifford – Assistant: Robert Shaye
  • David Goldberg – Production Assistant
  • Judy Gordon – Production Assistant
  • Gary Grout Jr. – Craft Service
  • Tom Hendel – Auto Assembly Editor
  • Steve Klar – Production Assistant
  • Robert Parigi – Production Assistant
  • Rebecca Pogrow – Executive Assistant: Jeff Freilich
  • Kevin J. Redzinski – Photo Double / Stand-In
  • Karen Ripley – Script Stylist
  • Rochelle Shaposhnick – Assistant: Scott Stone
  • Randi Spector – Assistant: Jonathan Betuel
  • Shawn Stevens – Crafts Services / Catering Manager
  • Paige Thomas – Secretary: Jeff Freilich
  • Liz Wartenberg – Production Coordinator


  • Tobe Hooper, the director of the pilot episode, is famously known for directing the horror film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which features another popular iconic horror character, Leatherface.

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