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This is about the Penny Bros. Auto Salvage of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. If you are looking for one or more other versions of Penny Bros. Auto Salvage, please check the Penny Bros. Auto Salvage (disambiguation).

Penny Bros. Auto Salvage is an automobile junkyard in Springwood.

It has a physical world and a Dream World version, like everywhere else in the physical world apparently does.

Physical World[]

Donald Thompson hid Freddy Krueger's body in the trunk of a Cadillac there.

Years later, Neil Gordon and Donald Thompson went there.

Freddy Krueger killed Donald Thompson, and attempted to kill Neil Gordon, there.

Neil Gordon burried Freddy Krueger's skeleton there.

Dream World[]

Roland Kincaid found himself inside a car trunk there.

Jason started digging and then, uhm, relieved himself, there.

While it is shown that Freddy Krueger was resurrected there, it's not shown, or explained, how, or if, it effected Freddy Krueger's skeleton and grave in the equivalent location in the physical world.