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Phillip Anderson was a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. He is the first victim in the Dream Warriors killing spree to die. In 1968, his parents were members of the vigilante mob that burned Freddy Krueger alive, who swore posthumous vengeance on all children of his killers.


Phillip was a patient of the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital. He was placed in the hospital for being suicidal, but in truth, was being hunted by Freddy Krueger in his dreams. Phillip was nicknamed "The Walker" for his infamous sleepwalking. Phillip created marionettes using various materials.


Phillip Death

Phillip's tendons torn out of his feet

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While sleeping, one of the dolls Phillip created, turned into Freddy went to the foot of his bed and grew full size. Freddy then used his glove to slice open Phillip's skin on his arms and legs to reveal his tendons, Freddy pulled them out to use them as strings and operated Phillip like a marionette. This was witnessed by Joey, who attempted to alert hospital staff to this emergency, but had problems due to his muteness. Soon all the teens saw this and cried out to Philip, but they could not see the tendon strings and it appeared to be sleepwalking. The camera panned put to see a giant Freddy standing over the tower and severing the tendon strings, then tossing Philip to his death. His death traumatized the teens and was pinned as a sleepwalking accident until Nancy Thompson persuaded Dr. Neil Gordon, that there was more happening behind the deaths. After killing him, Freddy absorbed his soul.


When Freddy revealed his power and rips open his sweater saying that the souls of his victims give him power and their are four faces on his chest, one of them being Phillip, the other three being Jennifer Caulfield, Will Stanton, and Taryn White. In The Dream Master, when Alice Johnson wins a fight against Freddy, his soul and the souls of other victims were released.


  • Phillip's death was ranked #1 on Watchmojo.com's list of the Top 10 Freddy Krueger kills. 
  • Kenshi's second fatality in Mortal Kombat X is based on Phillip's death.