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"Ok, look. If we survive the next 24 hours, then I'll take you out on a real date." — Quentin Smith

Quentin Smith is one of the several Survivors currently featured in Dead by Daylight .

He was introduced as the Survivor of The "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Chapter released on 26 October 2017.

He originates from the 2010 remake Horror Movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street.


When he heard that Nancy's mother had disappeared, Quentin Smith knew instantly that their success had been short-lived. Although their plan had seemed to work flawlessly, Freddy Krueger had beaten death yet again.

But Quentin wasn't about to give up. It may take many attempts, but he vowed that somehow they would find a way to beat Freddy, once and for all. If he didn't, it would only be a matter of time before Freddy would win and Nancy was lost.

Someone like Quentin never attracted attention in a library, no matter how strange the texts he requested. He devoured all the information he could find, on shared dream worlds, lucid dreaming, and the methods to control the dream space. Forcing himself to stay awake, via a steady diet of pills and energy drinks, he searched through dusty volumes, finding myths about the demons that live in dreams, trapping their victims in limbo and feeding off their terror. He worked quickly as he knew that Freddy would soon be coming for him.

It wasn't long before that moment arrived and Freddy began appearing in his dreams. He stayed at the periphery at first, taunting Quentin, seemingly hoping to tire him out. Using all that he had learned, Quentin was able to see flaws in the dream; cracks where escape routes could be formed. He tested this skill carefully, not wanting to show his hand, hoping that it would give him some kind of advantage that he could use to defeat Freddy.

Then, one night, he found himself in the familiar environment of Badham Preschool. Freddy had tired of the taunting and had finally decided to gut him. Quentin ran through the school, his quick eyes scanning for something useful in the maze of rooms. He found a can of paint thinner and quickly formulated a plan. Once the trap was set, he waited, acting as the lure to draw Freddy into the right position. And there he was, claws scraping on metal as he closed in for the kill. Quentin allowed himself time to enjoy the surprise on Freddy’s face as the corridor ignited and then he was away, running through the building, heading for the exit that he knew existed. If he harried Freddy, weakening him and then escaping the dream, surely that would defeat him over time? Before his eyes, the cracks in the dream closed and his escape route was blocked. He was in Freddy’s secret room again, and there was nowhere to run.

As Freddy closed in, a broad grin spreading across his ruined face, Quentin was consumed with a need to see this man finally obliterated. He wished it had been him, not his father, who threw the gas can that ended Krueger’s life, that it had been him who cut Freddy’s throat. Perhaps that desire would be enough? This was a realm of the mind after all.

He let it consume him, concentrating all his thoughts on wishing Freddy gone. His vision was obscured with roiling tendrils of fog and, when it cleared, he was somewhere else. In another dream? If so, it wasn't his; it felt cold and unfamiliar.

A flickering drew his attention and he realised he was by a campfire, and he wasn't alone. Other people were trapped here too, and they needed his help. “I saw a young man the other day. He seemed both awake and asleep at the same time. A bit drowsy, but determined. Even though I lacked to see anyone or anything going after him, he would not stop. I have witnessed true fear many times at this place. But this man provides a whole new spectra of fear. What would make a man too afraid to even stop to take a breath? He seems determined to reach the gates. I too had that urge once. But I failed too many times to reach them, too many mistakes and deaths. But this young man is different. Maybe he will actually escape. For real. But he looks tired, so intensely tired.” ~Unknown


  • Pharmacy reduces the standard Unlocking Time of 10 seconds to approximately 7.5/6.5/6 seconds.

Change Log[]

Patch 5.1.0[]

  • Rework: updated facial model and texture as part of The Realm Beyond - Part 6 Graphical Update.


Wake Up![]

Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

Once all Generators are completed, Wake Up! activates:

  • The Auras of the Exit Gate Switches are revealed to you within 128 metres.
  • When opening an Exit Gate, your Aura is revealed to all other Survivors within 128 metres.
  • You open Exit Gates 15/20/25 % faster.

"Ok, look. If we survive the next 24 hours, then I'll take you out on a real date." — Quentin Smith

Patch 2.6.0[]

  • Buff: all Tiers reveal Auras up to a distance of 128 metres.
    • It should be noted that changing Tier III's range from unlimited to 128 metres is not a nerf:

With the rare exceptions of some corner-to-corner distances on the largest Maps, no two points are further apart than that distance and the 128 metres will suffice.

Patch 5.5.0[]

  • Buff: increased the Action Speed bonus from 5/10/15 % to 15/20/25 %.


You have a knack for finding medicine.

  • Unlocking Chests is 40/60/80 % faster.
  • Unlocking your first Chest guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit.

Pharmacy reduces the audible range of your Chest-unlocking noises by 8 metres.

"Adrenaline, it is going to keep us awake. I stole it from one of the Nurse's carts." — Quentin Smith

Patch 2.6.0[]

  • Buff: all Tiers now reduce the search audio by 8 metres.

Patch 6.1.0[]

  • Buff: Pharmacy now guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit each time a Chest is unlocked while injured, allowing the effect to occur multiple times in a Trial.
    • This change was motivated by the old effect causing its user to having to hope nobody would take the Med-Kit before one needed it or requiring for it to be hidden in a far-off corner of the Map like a "Med-Kit Goblin".
    • Nerf: this change also causes the increased Unlocking speed and reduced Hearing range to no longer function while healthy.


You look over your friends even in dire situations.

  • Increases your Recovery rate from the Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion, Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered, and Oblivious Status Effects by 20/25/30 %.
  • This effect also applies to all other Survivors within 8 metres of your location and lingers for 15 seconds.

"I am gonna be here when you wake up. You are gonna make it." — Quentin Smith

Patch 2.3.0[]

  • Buff: allows the Perk's effects to linger for 15 seconds after leaving the range to affect other Survivors.

Patch 4.5.0[]

  • Change: no longer affects Mangled since the Status Effect now always last until healed and is no longer subject to timers.

Patch 5.3.0[]

  • Buff: increased the values from 10/15/20 % to 20/25/30 %.
  • Buff: added the Status Effects Broken, Exposed, and Oblivious.

Patch 7.6.0[]

  • Buff: once again affects Mangled, as the Status Effect was reverted to being timer-based.


  • Quentin is the sixth male survivor in the game, following Dwight, Jake, Ace, Bill, and David King.
  • Unlike his corresponding killer Freddy, Quentin does not appear in the original films that popularized the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. He is a character specifically created for the 2010 remake.
    • However, his role in the remake is similar to Glen Lantz, as he is a love interest for the final girl, Nancy Holbrook. But unlike Glen in the original film, he is not officially her boyfriend, and he survives Freddy's killing spree, while Glen does not.
  • Much like Laurie Strode, Quentin does not have a direct resemblance to his film appearance, possibly due to the developers being unable to obtain the likeness rights to Quentin's original actor, Kyle Gallner.
    • Despite this, the character shares more similarities than Laurie does with her film appearance.
  • Quentin is the fifth/sixth licensed character to appear in the game, along with his corresponding killer Freddy being the fifth/sixth.

Perk Trivia[]

  • Despite the wording of the in-game description implying such, Pharmacy does not reduce the volume noises caused by unlocking Chests, merely the distance at which they can be heard by passers-by.
    • The default Hearing distance is 20 metres.
  • During the Developer Update of June 2022, when the change in Patch 6.1.0 was announced, the explanation featured the following humorous quote: "Good luck stealing my Med-Kit now, Meg".
  • Vigil stacks with other instances of itself within the specified range.
  • Vigil does not affect instances of Exposed from either Night Shroud or Evil Within, as the timers are linked to the respective Killer Powers, and not the Status Effect itself.
  • When the third Tier of Wake Up! used to be unlimited, the actual value was set to 9,999,999 centimetres, equalling a distance of ~10,000 metres or ~10 kilometres, vastly larger than any Map, as none are much larger than 100 metres across.