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Spencer Lewis is a character from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, as a patient of doctor Maggie Burnham and a friend to Tracy and Carlos Rodriguez. He is the second victim to die at Freddy Krueger's hands during the film. He is portrayed by Breckin Meyer.


Spencer is a stoner, as well as an avid video gamer and orphan. He has a strained relationship with his father and has a rebellious nature, refusing to be like him. Spencer had frequently ran away from home, and set his dad's car on fire. He originally stayed in Recovery House Youth Shelter with his friends Tracy and Carlos, but they all plot to run away to California. Stowing away on a van, they remained hidden until they were caught when John had a hallucination that nearly destroys the van, which stopped just outside Springwood. Spencer, Tracy, and Carlos attempted to leave Springwood, but they stopped to rest at an abandoned house, 1428 Elm Street, which was Nancy Thompson's house.


Spencer lays on a couch in the living room of the house while getting high on smoking. During his hallucinogenic state, in which he falls asleep, he sees a "Brain on Drugs" spoof commercial where Freddy Krueger knocks out the host with a frying pan (In reality, the TV's glass is severely broken). Soon, Freddy cracks a joke before asking Spencer if they could "trip out".

Freddy torments Spencer

Freddy tormenting Spencer Lewis through a video game.

He then produces a trippy background, which extends out of the screen and sucks Spencer into the TV while background music played. Once the background clears, Spencer finds himself in the middle of a video game while Freddy watches from a screen in a security room in the Dream World. While traversing the game, under Freddy's control, Spencer encounters a sprite version of his father, which Freddy also controls, and who repeatedly chant "Be Like Me" while at the same time hitting Spencer with his tennis racket. The latter rebelliously defeats the enemy sprite by grabbing his tennis racket and beating him with it. Soon a giant version with a deep voice appears and, under the control of Freddy, knocks Spencer into a tree. However, after eating an apple that fell from said tree, Spencer was granted the power to shoot projectiles, which he used to destroy the giant enemy sprite.

Meanwhile, in the real world, while Spencer was able to move freely in the video game, he was being controlled by an unseen force in the physical world. Meanwhile Freddy, through the usage of his game controller, which he uses from the very beginning, controls a sprite version of himself to stomp on Spencer's stomach, which also affected the latter in the real world. As Tracy, John, and Maggie tried to wake Spencer up, the unseen force began controlling the latter into running amok around the house as well as trashing various areas.

Meanwhile in the video game, Freddy's sprite begins chasing after Spencer in a locker-room while towel-snapping him at the same time. Around that time, Tracy and John entered the Dream World and found Freddy. During the chase, one enemy sprite, who is half naked and muscular in appearance, also snaps Spencer with his towel. As the chase goes on, Tracy proceeded to disconnect Freddy's controller. Consequently, this caused the chase in the game to end at a pit, where, at the bottom, contains more enemy sprites, whose appearance is also Spencer's father. Because Freddy Krueger's controller is unplugged this prevents him Freddy controlling his sprite self, allowing Spencer to beat him to the ground.


Spencer seconds before his death

Unfortunately, Tracy's attempt to save the latter ended up backfiring as Freddy is wearing a power glove, which he uses to automatically shut himself in the room, thus preventing Tracy from interfering again. Upon regaining control of his sprite self, he makes it strike Spencer with an uppercut punch, allowing Freddy to regain the upper-hand.

Through his power glove and the unseen force, he makes Spencer, back in the physical world, hop up the stairs of the house and stopping at the landing. Though Spencer, in the video game, tried to keep his balance and not to fall into the pit, Freddy controls his sprite to whip him with his towel one final time, causing Spencer to lose his balance and fall into the pit and into the crowd of enemy sprites below.

Back in the physical world, the latter began to uncontrollably tumble down the staircase. When Maggie attempted to save him, the unseen force stopped her by removing the carpet, revealing a deep hole. As Spencer falls into the hole, Freddy expressed glee when he noticed that he had beaten his own high score. When Spencer hits the bottom of the hole and dies, his blood goes into the TV, which then spilled out of the medium, causing the electricity to go out.

After Death[]

Freddy absorbs Spencer's soul, which gave him more strength. Spencer, Carlos, and John, whom both of them were killed by Freddy, were then all erased from people's memories except for Maggie, Tracy, and Doc. When Maggie finally kills Freddy with a pipe bomb, Spencer's soul was freed.


  • His death is in the honorable mentions in WatchMojo.com's list of the Top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills.
    • However, he won the Dull Machete in Dead Meat’s kill count.
  • The "Brain On Drugs" Commercial that Spencer hallucinates features a cameo by Johnny Depp, who played Glen Lantz in the first film in the franchise.