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At the beginning of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, it is revealed that all Springwood children and teenagers have died, except John Doe. Some of them were suicides, some of them were murdered by Freddy Krueger. Their souls are absorbed by Freddy, but are released when he's defeated.


  • It is unknown how many of these kids and teens there were.
  • This implies strongly that until Freddy reaches a certain degree of power, there is a minimum age limit for the people he can kill in the Dream World. Apparently, he hadn't reached that level of power during the first five films, but did between the fifth and sixth films, and during the sixth film. It should be noted that Freddy tried to kill Angela Walsh from the physical world in the second film. Presumably, he took the opportunity to try to do in the physical world what he couldn't at that time do in the Dream World.