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Stan is a character in Jesse's Lost Journal.

Stan is a lawyer who represents Jesse Walsh before the accusations of homicide of Ron Grady and other young people.


As mentioned in the only journal entry that mentions him to Stan, the lawyer tried to contact Jesse for two months but, according to him, Jesse did not want to talk to him. Jesse assures his that he has never refused to see him and that he has requested meetings in writing on many occasions. Finally Stan tells him his strategy to prevent Jesse from going to a maximum security prison with a life sentence or death itself.

He asks Jesse to confirm through an affidavit that he killed Ron Grady and the other people. That will get Jesse sent to a mental institution for a time to be decided by the court. In such a confession he must not mention a strange man who seeks to kill or persecute him, such a statement will be written by him and he will be in charge of arranging a diagnosis that "exposes" a borderline personality so that he can enter the mental center. He also clarifies that the judge in the case decided that there will be no jury or public hearing, the newspapers are no longer interested in what is happening with Jesse and that most of the inhabitants of Springwood have forgotten about him.

After Jesse manages to escape from the psychiatric center, absolutely nothing more is known about Stan.


Stan's personality is not explored as he only appears in a single entry. However, at first glance you can tell that he is a man of few words and speaks bluntly so he is usually quite cold.

Physical appearance[]

There was no physical description of the character.


Jesse Walsh[]

It is unknown how Stan ends up being the lawyer who represents him in homicide cases, it is possible that it is due to his father Ken but that is questionable. There is practically no relationship between the two, so they only exchanged a couple of words on one occasion.