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Super Freddy is a superhero-like form of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Krueger assumed this form in Mark Gray's comic nightmare.

Freddy turned back into his regular form before killing Mark.


Super Freddy appears to a be a large muscular Freddy in large clothes with many facial changes. He has beady eyes, retro grey scarred skin, and doesn't have the trademark glove. Super Freddy's appearance is the form of body portraying actor Michael Bailey Smith whilst the voice is the depiction of Robert Englund. Super Freddy's limbs appear to be all body flex and possess a wrestler quantity in capacity. Moreover, he wears a grey cape around the neck and he has a black lightning icon on his sweater.

The Dream Child[]

After Freddy Krueger was riddled with bullets by an enraged Mark Gray, who turned into the Phantom Prowler, his comic book hero, the dream demon was knocked out unconscious for a few seconds before immediately recovering, instantly becoming Super Freddy. When Mark fires a bullet at him, it now proved to be ineffective. Now regaining the upper-hand, Freddy introduces himself to Mark as "Super Freddy" before turning him into a paper cutout. Freddy instantly returns to his normal form upon doing that.


"Faster than a Bastard Maniac, more powerful then a Loco Madman- It's Super Freddy!"