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The Life and Death of Freddy Krueger is a story in The Nightmares on Elm Street Parts 1, 2, 3: The Continuing Story. It is clearly a different story than the A Nightmare on Elm Street (film series) film series.


  • It states that Freddy Krueger was born at 1428 Elm Street. It states that 1428 Elm Street was an insane asylum. It doesn't actually state that this insane asylum was the Hathaway House.
  • It states that his mother was a schizophrenic. Apparently, she was a patient at the asylum. It isn't actually stated that her name was Amanda, Krueger or otherwise.


  • Freddy Krueger is explicitly depicted as both a sexual sadist and a sexual masochist. It is very strongly implied that his adoptive father was, too.
  • It is stated that he wandered from town to town and finally arrived in Springwood. This is despite the story saying he was born on Elm Street.
  • Springwood is described as a suburb.
  • It is stated that his job at the power plant was maintaining the boiler room. Apparently, the boiler room wasn't abandoned.
  • It is stated that he lived in the boiler room.
  • It features Springwood Elementary School. The less said about this the better.
  • It is stated that his murders weren't committed in the boiler room, or the power plant, at all, though he did take the bodies to the boiler room afterwards. It is stated that he intentionally left blood at the murder scenes.
  • It is stated that he was set free because of incorrect wording of the search warrant, not the search warrant being signed in the wrong place.
  • It is stated that after being set free, Freddy Krueger planned to leave Springwood.
  • It is stated that gasoline was poured around the whole power plant and the whole power plant was set on fire, not just the boiler room.
  • It is stated that Freddy Krueger's body was never found by anybody, including Donald Thompson.
  • It is stated that when Marge Thompson confiscated Freddy Krueger's glove, there was blood on the knives.